Got a kink? See Me. You will be pushed, taken, and love all of it. If you don’t see It listed, feel free to inquire.

I don’t list a specific “favorite” because I ultimately believe that chemistry is the most important aspect of a hot scene. If you have an open mind, positive attitude, are honest, and open minded, chances the sparks will fly. 

I enjoy playing with a plethora of other Mistresses including Domina Ava St. Marks when home in Philadelphia, and Alexandra Sadista, when back in Chicago. Another male sub is available for established clients, but strictly to sub alongside you to Me. Spectators are available as well. I also welcome women and couples.
**Ball busting-- grasping, slapping, squeezing, holding

**Beatdowns: Fantasy wrestling, belly punching, kicking, muscle worship 

**Behavior Modification—Lose that weight, quit smoking, stop being a misogynist, etc

**Bondage—Chains, Hoods, Latex, Leather, Mummification, Plaster, Restrictive *Specializes in utilizing teasing alongside helplessness
**Breath Control—Choking, Taking away your air, smothering,smoldering, gas masks
*Caning—My last name is Cayne for a reason!
*Castration Fantasy
**CBT/CBB—How helpless can your cock and balls become?Bondage, ties, slapping, clamps, squeezing, teasing, hurting, piercing,burning, waxing, shaving, maiming, kicking, weight

**Chastity Guidance—I control you in all sorts of ways
**Corporal---Caning, Flogging, OTK, Spanking, Whipping
**Cross Dressing—Dress up, parade, dance, and charade for me. I specialize in light to full transformations. A night out as my dressed up CD slut is definitely a possibility….

**COUPLES: Please see below
**Degradation—How low can you go?
**Domestic Discipline/Training—How naughty have you been? You need to be over my knee. Also proper slave training. 

**Edge Play: Branding, Burning, Cutting, Piercing, Sutures. 
**Electrical: Erostek, PES, TENS, and Violet Wand. Plenty of  devices and attachments.

**Erotic embarrassment/Humiliation

**Extended Servitude--Serve me overnight or see what it is like to be My personal slave for the day, week, etc.

**Enemas—Cleansing, punishment, medical, erotic….double bardex, colon cleanse
**Fashion Shows—Watch me show off my clothes and hot body
**F-Bi—Only with established clients
**Fetishes—Boots, feet, nylons, wool, knit, silk, etc.
**Fisting--Can you take it?
**Foot fetish/worship—Nylons, Stockings, Heels, My high arches, galore!!!
**Flogging—I am an expert on both single and double floggers in a sensual as well as corporeal manner…

**Gags--Ball, Bit, Humiliation, Inflatable, Open Mouth, Panty, Stocking, Tape. A way to communicate is always established for those I do not have an extended relationship with. 
**Golden showers—Hmmmm, drink or don’t drink this…it’s piss!I will shower your body or force you to swallow it all. I taste sweet. I love nothing more than squatting close to your face and letting it go.
**Humiliation---Aaaah, the possibilities are endless. I am adept and extremely creative with my humiliation scenes. Do you want Me to encompass your helplessness? Or do you want to show off? Or perhaps go on a public adventure with me? There are many faces of humiliation; I love nothing more than pushing all your buttons.
**Isolation—Lose yourself. Be isolated in my cell of seclusion. You will forget who you are. Be treated like my prisoner; be prepared to meet my needs. You have no clue what is in store for you. (Minimum of 4 hours required)
**Jeopardy—My favorite game show. I pick the questions, instead of losing money or turns, you must submit to MY punishments.
**Jailhouse—I have extensive experience volunteering in prison. Want to know what it is like, with a kinky twist, of course? ;)

**Leg worship--Worship My divine calves and legs
**Lightning—Violet wands, PES, Eros Tek with attachments, cattle prod; as well as a few secrets up my own sleeve. See Electrical. 
**Medical—Enemas,sounds, evil and kinky nurse, galore! Piercing, gauze, masks, delight. Experience my kinky mad clinic.
**Mean Baths—Hot or cold, my choice
**Nipples—I have a penchant for biting and pinching, but have clamps, clips, electric, wheels, and the whole nine yards to torture,tease and torment those twins of yours
**Piss--Bask in it, bath in it, revel in it, and be threatened by it

**Piercing--Play piercing only! If you would like a professional piercing please visit These should be the only people doing PERMANENT PIERCINGS. I am happy to guide you to the right one and have accompanied plenty of my toys to do it. 
**Predicament Bondage---One thing causes and leads to another, for my amusement of course
**Prostate massage/play….I love nothing more than finding and feeling that magic button...perhaps one day you will work up to taking My strap on...

**Raunch Play--Let's get dirty and nasty. 
**Role Play: I love all different types of role play, the more taboo the better! I especially love role reversal based role play! For example you would be the boss, I would be your secretary, and I take over!!!! Boss/employee, Girl next door/peeping tom, Professor/student, Mean sister, Nurse/Patient, Sadistic Nurse/Patient, Babysitter, Teacher/Student, Wife/Husband or Husband's best friend...did you have a creative idea? 
**Scratching--I love nothing more than running My nails all over you...marks or no marks...the marks I leave are mental...

*Sensory Deprivation—I will take away all your senses:mobility, sight, scent, touch, taste, smell, and hearing. And put you in your own world, while I play with you, and mess with all of these.

**Slapping—How hard can you take it?!?!
**Slut training--Let Me show you the ways I can use you.
**Smoking—Fetish, Burning, Cigars, Forced inhalation
**Spitting—Be my spittoon, are you worthy of tasting it or does it just belong dripping down your face or on your body?
*Spanking—OTK, Discipline, Sensual, Various Positions,Paddles, Bare Hand
**Strap on/slut play—use your imagination, slut. The possibilities are endless.
*Shit—Eat it or want to feel it? Natural or enema doused….
**Tease and Denial—I don’t think you know what the brink of tease is until you have seen me. Again, and again, and again....look at that gleam in my eye...
**Tickling---Tickle tickle tickle, if you are lucky, you maybe able to tickle me!!!
**Trampling—Barefoot, heels, boots, they all were meant to walk all over you.
**Toilet Training—Inquire more, I work with the novices but expect the best try
**Utrethral sounds—See medical

**Verbal Humiliation--Listen to the sound of My voice putting you in your place, making you realize who you REALLY are...

**Wax play

I have been a kinkster my whole life. Kink is who I AM. Although I has been a professional dominatrix for over 15 years, my perversions started as soon as I knew how to conceptualize them. For many years, couples have been coming to me, seeking a way to open and/or continue to further explore their sexuality. This is something I absolutely love.

Whether you want to learn how to turn your partner, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, into your own personal toy, learn how to be the dominant or the submissive, or even switch, I am here to help you with all this. As someone who has fulfilled some of these roles in my personal life, I have the skill and empathy to work with both of you on these ends.

Whether you would like to join me as a top, sub along side your partner, or co-sub, I am here to provide you with a safe, fun, and sexual journey.

Please contact me to make this fantasy become YOUR reality. 

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