Miss Victoria Cayne

Sweetly Sadistic Dominatrix, Based in Boston & Philadelphia

My world of kink is the one you crave each night, the one you lose yourself in during the heights of your selfish pleasures. I will take those pleasures as my own, and teach you the true way to savor them.

While my usual hunting grounds as a Dominatrix are both Boston and Philadelphia, I’m also partial to allowing my submissive toys to call upon me for a “Fly Me to You” encounter, meaning I’m only a call away from breaking you.

You surrender. You will become MY toy. This is Perfection. You have found your drug, your Addiction. This is your Utopia. Be prepared to encounter an intensely psychological, spiritual, sexual, and completely indescribable journey…

What you crave is Miss Victoria Cayne. You’re desperate to surrender to what a Dominatrix with sixteen years of experience can do to you, and if you ask nicely, I might just oblige.