Victoria Cayne

As told in “trainable pet’s words….” A new Boston toy….

Trainable Pet was one of my new toys in Boston recently…he wrote a very delightful recap of our session…

After a few different times and my schedule being difficult to manage, i made a concentrated effort to serve Miss Victoria Cayne in person. The first task given was to send a deposit via green dot, which i managed to mess up, and would be punished for. After a few emails i had given Miss Victoria my limits, She followed up telling me Her interests were in line with mine. As the day neared, i asked about perhaps more than 60 minutes of session time, Ms. Victoria agreed and also suggested that Her fellow TS Domme friend make a cameo appearance in session. Knowing that my prior shortcomings were to be dealt with i agreed to 90 minutes and a cameo visit.

The day arrived for me to venture to the city and to have the honor of serving Ms. Victoria Cayne, i did message Ms. Victoria Cayne for any instructions prior to my departure, and was denied any answer. For some reason, i thought my long drive was going to have me running late, but managed to gain time back and arrived on time! The ride to the venue my mind ran wild, not knowing what might transpire!

Finally in the parking garage, i messaged Ms. Victoria Cayne letting Her know that i had arrived! Her reply took what seemed to be an eternity as i waited in the lobby, finally a reply and a number for Her room appeared on my phone! Also was a deadline to make up to a double digit floor!

With my luck the elevators took their time to arrive to the lobby, and others joined my ride up! my mind raced as no one else knew on that elevator that i only had 180 Mississipi’s to be at Miss Victoria’s threshold!!

Panicking i made it to the proper series of numbers and knocked on the solid wood door, the silence was deafening until the click of heels could be heard on the floor, and the door opened to a fairly dim entryway, but behind the door was a beautiful Miss Victoria Cayne, immediately She ordered me to my knees as the door shut behind me, i was allowed to kiss Her Feet and then was immediately blindfolded!

Next thing i feel is Her hands unbuttoning my shirt, it was an amazing sensation! Her power took my mind to so many places!! Next thing i know my bare chest is exposed, nipples punched, and my belt being undone, i had entered subspace!!! The next thing i know I am ordered to organize my disrobed clothes from the floor blindfolded!!!

my knees feeling the cracks of the hardwood floor on the entry way, my mind races as Miss Victoria Cayne chuckles at my fate, and even made a remark that no other slave has had to do this blindfolded before. What a quandary i was in, naked, kneeling and awaiting my fate.

The words “follow my voice” ring in my mind as Miss Victoria Cayne led me with Her voice. Now i am envisioning Miss Victoria Caynes beauty, but while blindfolded, remembering the quick glimpse and photos from Her web page raced through my head.

By blind navigation crawling and following a voice, giving all my trust to Her, it was amazing, like Christopher Columbus trying to discover America after the moon had gone past full.

Put out your hand was Her order, it was the edge of the bed, that i was ordered on to, the covering was not a typical covering but more of a fury texture on my body, rolled over on my back, Miss Victoria Cayne put me in the most awesome posture collar, then proceeded to cuff my arms and legs with leather clad cuffs, next thing i know my legs are spaced apart by a most wonderful spreader bar which i never had the privilege of seeing.

While being fastened Miss Victoria Cayne begins to let me know what is in store for me. This being said while my nipples get twisted, i agree, and want to be the best slave in Her visit. my senses are blocked, blind, i lay there fully exposed and detained, my body, my mind are all in Miss Victoria Cayne’s beautiful control.

Laying there being teased and tormented, my useless cock drips, which is fed to me on what I believed was a latex glove. Complete surrender… This lasts for what seemed an eternity.

At one point i wished that i was in chastity for Miss Victoria. Knowing that She is in control and has complete power over me. my confession continued, Blindfolded not knowing what to expect next, opening my mouth swallowing another treat, the spit of Miss Victoria Cayne, so flavorful…..

Then feeling the heel of Her shoe being put in my mouth as i worshipped the what felt to be chrome heel,

Forcefully sucking and kissing, being powerless under Her heel, it is removed and onto sole worship it went, my mind wondering if i was infact cleaning the streets of Boston from Her divine ped protectors.

In my mind time had no understanding, but not knowing when Her TS guest would make Her cameo appearance, was so intense.

Completely mindfucked i was.

So deep in subspace, Miss Victoria announces Her Guest, and tells Her how good i have been.

They chat back in forth…..

Feeling the restraints around my ankles. Lying there exposed. Vulnerable…..

Wondering what They both might do to me, my body nude and bound.

So far i have sucked shoes, swallowed Miss Victoria’s wonderful spit, been fed my own pre cum.

Having no sense of time, or vision was incredible!

Suddenly Miss Victoria pulls of my blindfold!

Two beautiful Woman are in front of me, but i am on restricted eye contact, blonde, black, teal, and leather are the images that i remember before being blindfolded again.

Miss Victoria allows Her friend to join in Her fun…..

Wartenburg wheels trace my pathetic cock, my mouth being used for foot worship…..

The lovely taste of toes….

The torture on a cock that should not belong to me….

Would Her friend have more manhood than my pathetic device…….

Listening to Their chatting,,,,

Totally amazing…….

Let the rest be left up to your imagination!!!!

Thanks for the fun, Trainable Pet…

Slut of the Summer???

I know a lot of my toys crave to be such sluts for Me, but this one is so awesome on so many levels. The excitement of the scene was coupled by the fact I was heading to see one of my favorite bands perform after the play time, and I knew my bag was going to be searched and all the cocks and fun toys I brought with me, were going to be discovered :).

Organizing such intense scenes, where multiple people and factors are present, always add to the excitement factor for me. This particular time, I knew this slut was willing to give whatever I had in store for him. Those who have the privilege of experiencing me, know that I am a woman of mystery and love the anticipation that comes from teasing you prior to our play time….

Can anyone out slut this one?!?! 😉 I always love getting to know and play with my toys over the years and it is absolutely beautiful to see how far along this journey we have come. When I first met this slut, I never imagined that this magical porn that I directed would come true in real time. In addition, popping the visual cherries of my two vanilla friends: priceless 🙂

In his words, as posted on Max Fisch:

We’ve heard ‘be careful what you wish for’? No. With Miss Victoria Cayne this definitely becomes ‘be thankful what you ask for’. I learned again, with an exclamation point, that if you are a good little slut and pleasing to MVC, when you ask for the moon she delivers it whole, with the stars for company.

I have been enslutted to MVC for many years now, having had the pleasure of experiencing her artistry  time after time, and each experience is unique. I have raved about her energy and creativity, and her landmark status in Chicago. The only downside is she is not in Chicago very much anymore. She is growing increasingly attached to the sessioning on the east coast.

Once she blogged about one of her sluts developing into a star worthy of enhanced decadence  and I remarked that I was jealous and hoped one day she would test my threshold for nasty sluttiness. She suggested I come see her in Boston or New York, where a different level of debauchery would be shown to me. I couldn’t help but gradually become ensnared by that tempting prospect, so I scheduled a session in NY with her.

First off, she wasn’t in NY to play that weekend, but she made an exception in my case to make my trip memorable. Once I was confirmed with flights and hotel, she excitedly and earnestly began planning my epic adventure. It began with periodic emails telling me that she had ‘a special treat’ planned for me, that she had ‘a lot of fun surprises’, and that this was going to be ‘quite a party’. At one point she said ‘I think there are going to be a few more people involved than originally anticipated… :)’. The anticipation really went to work on me. Finally the hour approached and an email came simply saying ‘Anticipate a knock’ (I was hosting).

I’ll leave the details to your imagination, but once again MVC has proven that she is the benchmark for excellence, energy, creativity, debauchery and mastery. Be careful what you wish for? Yes, only if you don’t mean it. But place yourself in the hands of the truly incomparable MVC, and be prepared for the unexpected, the amazing, the sometimes alarming but always controlled, the truly wild erotic adventure.