Victoria Cayne

“Quality time” with Ava St. Marks & Victoria Cayne

This is a review of a scene that was written by a long time toy of Ava St. Marks that she decided to share with me. Her and I have a natural chemistry when it comes to playing with one another, and it is simply magic when the two of us play together with an “unsuspecting” toy! 😉

“I was considering how best to share with my fellow “Max Fischers’ my experience from a very recent extended doubles session with two amazing Dommes, Mistresses Ava St. Marks and Victoria Cayne (MVC). While all of the usual descriptors like “amazing, mind shattering and a lifetime memory” would be easily applicable here, I also think those adjectives are a little too common in reviews like this. I wanted to provide a little more substance to the review that might give more insight to my experience.

I used the words “quality time” in the post title because that is what you can expect when you surrender yourself to these Ladies. Everything about this session was of the highest quality. Scheduling the session was simple and straightforward. In fact, I felt like I was scheduling a fun outing with two friends rather than a Professional domination session.

When I arrived it was obvious that the Ladies had given serious consideration to my huge leather and boot fetish as both Ladies looked stunning in their thigh high boots. Since I had already sessioned several times with Mistress Ava, She quickly introduced me to Mistress Victoria Cayne (MVC). MVC was delightful, greeted me warmly and told me that she was excited and looking forward to playing with one of Ava’s subs. From the welcome I received from the two of them, I knew that I had made a GREAT decision to schedule this session. Again, I have to use the word Quality. The Ladies were attired in high-end fetish wear, and both Ladies looked gorgeous. The introduction and small talk that followed was warm and genuine, and I was totally at ease as we descended the stairs to Ava’s basement dungeon.

I have had the pleasure of serving many highly accomplished Dommes in my 25 years of involvement in BDSM and I have seen a great many well-appointed dungeons and play spaces. Mistress Ava’s dungeon is among the very best. Again, the word quality comes to mind. Her collection includes a tremendous selection of high-end furniture pieces that will accommodate any desire. If you can think of it, you will likely find it in Mistress Ava’s dungeon. I won’t try to list every piece of furniture and all the equipment that she has, but you can check out the list for yourself at or at her Fetlife profile.

The session started with me completely immobilized in the CBT chair. While Mistress Ava made certain that the bondage was severe and inescapable, Mistress Victoria began to torture my nipples with her fingers and some severe nipple clamps. Mistress Ava is well aware that I am a total NT slut, and she had obviously shared this little tidbit with MVC. MVC told me that she would be in charge of my nipple torture and that it would be continuous and non-stop for the entire 3-hour session. Once I was secured to the CBT chair, Mistress Ava began torturing my cock and balls with electrical toys while also making sure that my balls were stretched as far as possible. This torture went on for some time, and I was soon completely lost in subspace for the entire time. Again, quality is the word that comes to mind. The technical skill of these two Ladies, the enthusiasm and fun they exhibited while torturing me, the way they verbally kept me engaged while they delivered some serious pain using high end toys all combined to give me a CBT/NT experience of the highest quality.

We then moved on to the bondage table, and true to her word, MVC continued to torture my nipples even as we walked from the CBT chair to the bondage table. Mistress Ava secured me to the table after first placing me in straitjacket, making sure that the jacket was fitted as tightly as possible on me. Once in the jacket and on the table, additional bondage was expertly applied making sure that I could not move any part of my upper body, not even my head. She then secured both of my legs straight up to an overhead bar and then used a spreader bar to keep my legs spread wide. My upright legs were placed in additional bondage, and I could not move my legs or feet even an inch. Mistress Ava let me know that she REALLY dislikes a sub having any “wiggle room” at all. Again, throughout the entire process of securing me to the bondage table and attaching my legs to the overhead spreader bar, MVC continued to make my nipples suffer severely with her fingers, nails and teeth. Once fully secured, I was stretched, used and abused in ways that would make any slut like myself deliriously happy. It was an amazing mixture of pain and pleasure, delivered to me by these extremely talented and engaged Ladies. Quality all the way.

We then relocated to the St. Catherine’s wheel, where I was placed into a severe, heavy leather sleep sack. Again, the Ladies had considered my strong leather fetish and they took my breath away by encasing me in the heavy leather sack. The sack itself, with me in it, was then expertly attached to the wheel itself. Yet again, Mistress Ava’s bondage was so expertly applied and so severe that the sack would not move even an inch no matter how much I wiggled while on the wheel. There were of course various openings in the sack that were available to the Ladies that exposed my nipples, cock and balls yet again for their pleasure and my pain. I could not see, hear or talk while in the sack, and my mind and body were totally focused on the torture to my nipples, cock and balls that seemed to go on forever.

Then to my surprise and slight shock, the Ladies rotated the wheel so that my body was now perfectly horizontal to the floor. The CBT now took the form of a Venus 2000 (I think?) along with vibrators on my cock and balls. Of course during that entire time, MVC continued with her unrelenting torture of my now very sore and very swollen nipples. Needless to say, and again without too much graphic detail, the session ended shortly thereafter.

I was totally exhausted and totally content. I knew that I had just experienced an amazing session experience with two extremely skilled, experienced and thoughtful Dommes. They had considered my suggestions for the session (as given previously to Mistress Ava) and had clearly taken the time to plan the entire experience, even to the point of prepositioning many of the toys and equipment that they used in the session.

They were both totally engaged with me throughout the session, and MVC later commented that she and Mistress Ava work together in a session like dancers in a well-choreographed ballet. That is exactly how it appeared to me.

We chatted for a bit after the session and I had every opportunity to ask questions and to share my thoughts with them on the experience. The Ladies were generous with their time, and again, I felt I was experiencing great QUALITY care and communication after the session.

Simply put, if you are looking for a QUALITY doubles experience with two highly skilled, engaged and gorgeous Ladies in a dungeon setting that will exceed your expectations then these are the two Ladies you should see. In fact, they are a MUST SEE experience if you find yourself anywhere near the Philly area. Hell, for that matter, they are well worth the trip from anywhere just to see them.

Ladies, should you read this, thank you both yet again for one of the best BDSM experiences in my life and for memories that will last a very long time! I can’t wait to do it all again!”