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MVC is not just a great provider….she is a wonderful human, a muse, a caring real person who looks at you, through you and into you in such a wonderful way that you don’t even know it until you are staggering away with a huge smile. The most important thing is that if you choose to trust her with this most intimate kink, you can depend on her to look after you within the context…..10 year veteran of this incredible lady/goddess….

from; February 2024


Mistress Victoria Cayne loves to play, has BDSM in her blood and will take you wherever you need to go. 

from; February 2024


Within our little intimate world, she is such a huge positive force, a person who, as you pointed out, lives it and believes in it, cares about it and all of us who she meets. Truly unique and magical. I believe that we are all lucky that all of us are in a close and intimate space of a distinct type with many wonderful people but she is outstanding in this way. Our proclivities separate us from the mainstream now and we are lucky for that. Having written this, I know I am not even close to capturing the magic of this lady.

from; February 2024


MVC is a femdom tornado! I feel extremely fortunate to have found someone with whom I share such amazing chemistry.  

from; November 2023


It’s very difficult to describe a session with Mistress Victoria Cayne in a linear fashion because I go into a sort of ecstatic fugue state when I play with her. She’s like a great jazz musician, pulling inspiration from the moment and using her many years of experience to transform a BDSM session into high art. I say I’m not really into bondage, but as she bound me to the bed like a meticulous spider, I groaned and whimpered with the tightening of every knot. The whisper of her fingertips over my skin was like the Ten Commandments coming down from on high. She took me into a different world. My whole body became a sensory receptor. I became pure id. A stockinged foot covered my nose and lips. She blindfolded me so I couldn’t see what she was doing. Gloved fingers drove me to the point of desperation as the conductive gel was sensually applied. Mistress attached the electrodes. The current was only a whisper at first. She brought it up very slowly.


My devotion to her has steadily deepened. I’ve lost interest in seeing anyone else. It’s incredible to me that every session just keeps getting better, even after all this time. Any sub she deems worthy to serve her is truly blessed. I’m overjoyed to count myself among them.

from; March 2022


I had my first session since the pandemic began last week and it might have been the best session of my life. After a year of not playing, the desire had built up to a fever pitch. I kept squirming and twisting in bondage, unable to keep still. Just the touch of her fingers brushing over my naked flesh was driving me insane. Even the sound of her moving around in the next room was turning me on! 

When we saw each other for the first time in over a year, it felt very much like reuniting with an old friend. We’d both had our second shot, but she wasn’t quite past the two-week waiting period so we both wore masks in session and it was absolutely fine. Mine got removed whenever she had to use my mouth, which was frequent! 

 She wore special stockings for me: nude with red seams running down the back and red reinforced heels and toes. Gah! 

 “I never remember you being this slutty!” she said, as I squirmed and twisted in bondage and she did things to me that took me all the way to Shangrila! 

My session with MVC was absolutely, positively the best thing I’ve done for myself since before the pandemic began. Playing with her for the first time in over a year helped me put the pieces back together after this horrible pandemic so I finally feel like a human being again. What we did was so joyous, life-affirming, and positive, I feel like a new man! After doubting myself and questioning my desires, I’ve come home. Anything that makes me feel this good can’t possibly be bad! I’m back in the saddle Max Fisch! 

from Max Fisch; May 2021


Mistress Victoria Cayne told me that someone once advised her to yell more if she wanted to be successful. That dungeon has probably long since closed and that dungeon owner long since retired. Mistress Victoria seems to love being in charge, but she doesn’t yell. She speaks softly and carries a mean, swishy cane. Her demeanor is soft-spoken, kind and nurturing. She immediately puts you at ease and takes you exactly where she wants you to go. She reads you like a book, coaxing you into opening up completely so she can have her way with you. For the time you are in her presence you are her toy and though she speaks softly, Mistress Victoria plays hard.

It would be presumptuous for me to review Mistress Victoria here because she is a well-known quantity and has already been reviewed many times by subs with more experience than I have. Suffice it to say that I discovered her in January of 2019 and haven’t stopped seeing her since. I knew after the first session that she was a virtuoso domme. Her skill and versatility with electrics, bondage, corporal, NT, and other disciplines of the dark arts were evident from the start. I immediately knew I was in the presence of someone who loved BDSM and had refined it to the level of an art form. To make a musical analogy, jamming with her would be like having Jimi Hendrix in your garage band. The incredible thing is that every session with her just keeps getting better. She seems to have honed in on what makes me tick, and every time I see her we get closer to the promised land. In fact, I just saw her recently and it was our best session yet, absolutely volcanic. She’s in Boston this week, so if you’ve never seen her, now’s your chance.

I’ve spoken a little about my journey here, having recently gone from seeing someone exclusively and serving in a lifestyle capacity to being just a client again and trying to figure out where I fit. Mistress Victoria Cayne has been like a shaman priestess to me, guiding me on my journey as I continue to discover who I am as a sub and a human being. I don’t think I could have chosen a better, more capable or more trustworthy guide. I’m already looking forward to the next time I get to kneel at her feet. 

from Max Fisch; January 2020


I agree wholeheartedly that MVC is a fantastic Domme. She’s incredibly skilled, intuitive and empathetic. Her natural, easy going warmth puts a sub immediately at ease, but when the session starts you realize you’re in the gifted hands of a virtuoso. I discovered MVC early this year, have been to see her several times since, and hope to see her again soon. I think Mistress Victoria Cayne is absolutely delightful. 

from Max Fisch; December 2019

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