Victoria Cayne

Stretched, Strap On, Sodomized Slut M

It is always daunting to know that you are fulfilling the shoes of another well-known domme, who has recently retired. However, slut M’s email totally stood out. I knew that they were up for the challenge of being pushed, completely used. Have I stated how SEXY a clear, concise email is? Within moments of arriving, I could immediately see the slutty submissive shyness upon slut M’s face, and knew that they were going to be in for a ride of their lifetime. Indeed, I was right. Within moments, they were spread eagle on my medical table, straddled, spread, and stretched… their sluttiness new no bounds. We immediately developed chemistry and knew there were so many ways to push them…that is when I knew Goddess Ava St. Marks, my partner in crime, was the perfect addition to slut M’s training.

Goddess Ava St. Marks and I have unmatched chemistry. For both being so experienced and skilled in the scene, we both joke that “we have been searching for one and other our whole careers.” It can’t be further from the truth. From the first moment we played together, everything flew so naturally between us. A true slut and sub takes suggestions on what their Mistress believes is in their best interest. Slut M is a true example of that. Not to mention, part two of what will follow happened earlier today, and I am riding high off top space and the total power exchange that was this afternoon…


I recently started seeing Ms Victoria and her partner Goddess Ava on a regular basis a few months ago.  I had been sessioning with other dommes in the DC area but one recently retired and there was not a lot of chemistry between the other so my search continued until I met this team.

I can honestly say that my search ended upon meeting these two gorgeous ladies.  My first session was with Ms Victoria alone and it was totally mind blowing.  I love medical scenes and I was taken to new levels with Ms Victoria.  She saw how much I needed and wanted to be a total slut and whore and took me there, making me surrender to her and her toys.  At the end of our first session I told her some of my secret desires regarding play in public.  I felt so comfortable surrendering my body and thoughts to her.

At that point she suggested a double domme session for next time with Goddess Ava and I said yes.  Upon arriving for the next session I was totally struck by how gorgeous the both were and how well they worked together.  I was so excited I could hardly contain myself.   As they continued with more intense electric I begged for more and more and more.  My sluttiness knew no bounds.

I can’t wait until my next session with Ms. Victoria and Goddess Ava

Slut M