Victoria Cayne

Cocksucking 101

Happy New Year! Enjoy what one of My latest toys had to say. Cocksucking 101 classes may be available to those who deserve it ;).  Enjoy!

“I visited Miss Victoria Cayne on her latest trip to Boston.  It was my first time visiting her.  I have a few long standing kinks that I have wanted to explore. By chance, I came across her on Twitter while seeking someone close to me.  There seemed to be a confidence and dominance about her.  She also appeared intelligent and was clearly very sexy and beautiful.  I noticed right away that she had her own web page so I took a look. When I realized she was open to many different kinks, including my own, I knew I had to meet her!  She was very professional on contact; no nonsense and to the point but also very welcoming.  I would be lucky enough to meet her in just under two weeks.  I could hardly wait for the days to pass.

When the day arrived, I drove about an hour to see her.  Prior to my drive, we had a discussion on safe words etc.  I told her that I was verbally consenting to her on the phone and I wanted to experience real domination.  I trusted her, felt she had very good judgement and knew that by simply giving in I would have a much more enjoyable experience. I was very excited and nervous.  In the past I have occasionally had pro Domme sessions on and off but really only felt truly submissive with one other Mistress. As I approached Boston, I texted her to let her know of my ETA. Shortly later, I received a response which made my dick twitch in my pants. She certainly had a way with words and this was all suddenly very real!  Soon enough I was meeting her face to face and she was exactly what I had hoped.  Meeting a new Femdom for the first time is always very exciting because of the unknowns.  

I was taken into a room and immediately told to strip.  I was right in my hopes.  She had a dominance about her, took control of the situation immediately and I went into subspace from almost the moment of meeting her.  Of course, being in front of a sexy clad dominant woman can do that.  I had little idea what to expect during our time together.  I think she prefers to keep things spontaneous and to herself.  This made for a great experience.  

I think I will leave any session details for her to disclose but I will say this; If she straps on a dildo and puts it in your face she means business. There is no cocksucking 101 class with Miss Victoria.  She had no idea whether I had ever put a dildo in my mouth but I don’t think she cared.  In short order I found her toy stuffed fully down my throat and my nose pushed up against her waist.  I was gagging and sucking the best I could and I could hear her laughing in the background. She laughed and commented how my eyes were all watering and tearing up.  The rest of the session wasn’t much different in way of her control.  I loved it.

I will definitely be contacting her again in the future.  My experience with her was one of the best I have had.”

How Time Flies!

This review came back around and it is from 2005! This is the first of many reviews with this heavy player, and I figured I would share. It is crazy how quickly time flies when you do something you love.

Enjoy and thank you John J!

As I walked through the door, a very attractive and very fit woman greeted me with a punch to my balls. She followed this up by hurling a wad of spit upon my face. I had asked Miss Victoria Cayne to degrade me, and that was exactly what she was going to do. I was naked before I even left the front hallway, then found myself crawling like a crab down a flight of stairs while spit rolled down the bridge of my nose into my eyes.

I soon found myself lying on my back looking up at Miss Cayne, who was about to light a cigarette. It was at that point that I first laid eyes on the soles of her boots, and especially the heels. They were not just dirty. They were an awful mess. The heels were literally encased in a thick layer of dried up dirt and mud, and I knew that my mouth would soon be sucking away at them. I told her that boot cleaning was an interest when we exchanged e-mail, but I had never dreamed of this sort of filth. 

Before I could fully contemplate what was about to happen, Miss Cayne ordered me to start cleaning her muddy boots with my tongue. I hesitated, not really sure if I was up to the task. This hesitation earned me a multitude of hard slaps to the balls. Not wanting the slaps to continue, I knew I had no choice – so I wrapped my mouth around her heels and started sucking. It was disgusting and awful, and of course, I had an erection. I could feel the dirt crunching between my back molars, like when you eat sandy clams. 

I continued to clean her boots, stopping only to swallow her ashes, or her spit. After she was satisfied, she went and strapped on a dildo. A rather large one I might add. It was time for me to suck her off, and she was brutal. I could barely manage to get it all down my throat, but that wasn’t enough for her. As I sucked down to the hilt, already choking, she grabbed the back of my head firmly and shoved the dildo even further down my throat. Further than I thought possible in fact. I was gagging, and came close to vomiting each time she shoved my head down the shaft. My nose was running all over the place, my eyes were tearing, and I was hoping that she would quickly tire of this game. 

Instead, she told me that I had to swallow the entire dildo 20 times. When I got to 5, I was already in serious discomfort. She was continually shoving my head down, further than it wanted to go. When my gag reflex kicked in (and it did each and every time), she would simply push harder, and wouldn’t let my head retreat. My head would remain impaled on the dildo. I was a slobbering mess. Mucous was pouring out of my nose and down my chin. My throat was sore from the dildo being shoved down it like a battering ram. Somehow I got through the 20, with the last few being very intense as she used even more force than she had before. As I saw the dildo being put away, I was quite relieved. However, I would soon find out that the worst had yet to come.

When Miss Cayne re-appeared, she had a small plastic container. When I found out what was in the container, I was horrified and dejected. More dirt. Apparently, she had a slave sweep up her dungeon, and instead of dumping the mess into a garbage pail, it was all in this small plastic container. Apparently I was to become the garbage pail. Miss Cayne opened the container and started spreading the dirt and dust across the floor. I was then told to lie on my back. I was nervous, and to be quite honest, not looking forward to what was to come.

Miss Cayne started rubbing the soles of her boots in the pile of dirt, then walked over to me and sat down. The boots were hovering over my face, and the sight of the soles was horrible. They were a mess of dirt, dust, hair and god knows what. The thought that I was going to be cleaning them off and ingesting all that was beginning to turn my stomach, and I was close to using my safe word. However, I didn’t want to disappoint her. When she told me to clean them, I again hesitated. Instead of slaps, I got a few knees to the balls. I soon found myself lapping the bottom of those disgusting boots.

My tongue was lit up with the taste of salt. Just as I began methodically cleaning the soles, hoping to scoop much of the dirt off while swallowing as little of it as possible, she told me I had 10 seconds left to get her left sole spotless. I picked up the pace, but her sole was still dirty after the count of 10. She allowed me a little extra time, and I thought they would be clean to her satisfaction. As I looked up for her reaction, the inside of my mouth covered with a sheet of filth, she calmly told me that while I did an OK job, I had taken more than 10 seconds. Therefore we would have to start over again. 

Miss Cayne once again walked over and rubbed the bottom of the same boot sole into the pile of dirt. She walked back to me, once again sat down on the bench, and positioned her left boot over my face. I wanted to run and hide at the sight of it. My saliva had acted like a coat of glue, and the sole of her boot now had even more dirt on it than before. The safe word crept even closer. I wanted to say it, but I also wanted to prove myself to her. I didn’t know what to do. Before I could figure it out, she started gently rubbing the bottom of her sole on my lips, then firmly said “10 seconds” . I decided that if I was going to go for it, I might as well get it done so I wouldn’t have to start over again. 

So I licked like I had never licked before, my mouth piling up with disgusting filth. She appreciated the effort, and I got most of the dirt off. I was hoping that she would take pity on me after that. Most Mistresses I have seen in the past certainly would have. After all, I had eaten more dirt and mud than I probably had in all my sessions in the past combined. Surely I was done for the day. As I contemplated my fate, I heard the words “10 seconds” and was presented with her other boot. Again, I didn’t want to have to clean it twice, so I licked with all the fervor I could muster. My entire mouth was layered with a grit and grime. 

When I finished, she forced my head up and ordered me to look in the mirror. It looked like there was a black hole in the middle of my face. My cheeks, lips and tongue were pure black, covered with soil and gunk. It was a shocking sight. I was both aghast and amazed at what this woman had turned me into. I had crossed a line. In the past, I had licked some dirt, but never like this. I was truly Miss Cayne’s garbage pail. And the most frightening thing was the fact that she seemed to genuinely enjoy it.

This was one of those sessions that I enjoyed more after the fact. I was truly disgusted when I left her dungeon, but I get excited when I think about it now. Usually I don’t go back to see a Mistress when I have these types of experiences, because I don’t want to repeat it. While that is essentially true in this case, I really can’t wait to go back and see Miss Cayne. I have different types of sessions I would like to explore, and I think she would be great to explore with. We talked after the session, and I found her to be a great, down-to-earth person. I am already dreaming up new scenarios for when I go back. One thing is for sure. I am done eating dirt for a while. Maybe a softer and more sensual slut training session is in order!

MVC’s Devilish Ways

I began submitting to MVC about 1 year ago and it’s been 12 months of devilishly pushed limits and savoring new experiences.  A recent session typifies how she builds each session as the next step in the journey she’s taking you on.

The day of an impending session with MVC is filled with the pleasant anxiety of not quite knowing  where she’ll take you once you enter the room. This day provided an earlier than usual clue. Two hours before our session I received a text from MVC instructing me to arrive with binder clips attached to my nipples, with weights attached to tug them lower, and my cock and balls bound for her. The last hour of my day was spent finding (and yes, trying on) binder clips that were at least bearable for some period of time and then scrambling for a suitable weight.

By the time I arrived at MVC’s door I was uncomfortable and anxious in the best way possible. I was greeted with a devilish wink and a soft order from MVC… ” Let’s see how well you followed my instructions”. She must have been pleased because it led to sharp twisting and pulling on the clamps and adding another, tighter layer of CBB.

MVC led me by the leash tight around my balls to the me to the opposite side of the room and quickly had me stretched out and spread eagled.  MVC wound more rope around my already tight and swollen balls. She lashed them to the bottom of the bed so any movement stretched them farther away from my body.

My sessions with MVC have always had heavy doses of CBT and Nipple Torment combined with her truly evil tease and denial skills. Early on, she introduced me to the overwhelming sensations of creative play and lying there….stretched out, swollen and open to her every whim I wondered what MVC had in store for me this evening.  I was given a clue when she tugged on a nipple clamp and whispered “How many days were your nipples sore after your last session?”  “Two days, Mistress” I answered.

“Well, we’ll have to do much better than that” was whispered in return.

From there, MVC led me on a ride of eroticism, blissful torment and artfully applied kink. Nipple clamps were put on, tugged, twisted and taken off…only to be replaced by sharp bites, pinches and twists. Pulsating electrics were applied. MVC was there for every sensation, grinning, coaxing and teasing me until all the sensations seemed to run together. Asking for permission to cum eventually became begging; and more begging.

The session ended as they always do. Being completely spent, thankful and anxious for the next stop on MVC’s journey.

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