Victoria Cayne

Simple Torments

Sometimes it’s the simplest torments that can yield the most exquisite results… especially when you’ve been locked in chastity for over five weeks and the last orgasm you had was a ruined one… And so it was, as I entered Miss Victoria Cayne’s dungeon again this past Fall!

After assisting Mistress with some tasks, I was quickly bound, gagged, and chained to Her St. Andrew’s Cross. After being locked in chastity for so long, the mere sight of Mistress’s magnificent visage was enough to start me dripping. Thankfully, I was quickly blindfolded to help correct my wayward behavior.

No pleasure comes without a price in the sweetly, sadistic world of Miss Victoria Cayne.

Pain came next. Blindfolded and completely overwhelmed, it was almost impossible to tell what fiendish implements were being so skillfully brandished. But smack and after smack came raining down as my pitiful wails echoed through the dungeon. I’m not into pain, but I willingly take it if it pleases my Mistress. Tears welled in my eyes beneath the blindfold as I bit down on my gag and did my best to push myself for Her pleasure.

Having survived the corporal punishment, I was then led to a small bondage table where I was rendered completely immobilized and hooked up to some of Mistress’s myriad of electrical toys, ensuring MVC’s complete domination over Her lowly toy.

I lay on the table, completely restrained, totally helpless, locked, and overwhelmed by sensations.  I stared into Mistress’s cruel, seductive eyes. Her beauty and my predicament so overwhelming that I couldn’t even string together a coherent thought aloud. I just continued to mumble: “Please… please… please…”  MVC’s wonderful laughter ringing out in response through the dungeon. Mistress once again had me exactly where I belonged.

Blindfolded once more, the mind-blowing tease and denial continued. Electricity continually worked over my (Her) body, as vibration was alternated with forced inhalation of Mistress’s sweaty feet. It felt like my (Her) cock was trying to bend curvature of the cage as it strained against the metal bars.

After I had been reduced to a complete, gibbering mess, MVC at last unlocked the metal cage that had weighed upon me for over a month. My existence became a blur of vibration, electricity, feet, and bondage harmoniously orchestrated by Mistress into a symphony of pleasure and pain.

Before long, I was overcome by a torrent of intense feelings as endorphins spread throughout me. And the indelible memory of MVC gently petting my head and whispering, “Good pet,” as I floated down from the outer reaches of sub space.

–slave a