Victoria Cayne

FMTY Engagements: Your Questions Answered

You’re about to embark on one of the most scintillating experiences you will have in this lifetime: a Fly Me to You appointment with your Miss Victoria Cayne. What do you need to prepare in order to please her, and ensure an equally gratifying tryst? The devil is in the details…

Why Fly Me to You?

There’s no shortage of impressive dommes across the world, it’s true. A Fly Me to You appointment is ideal for the discerning submissive who is called to my unique proclivities as a sweet and sadistic dominatrix, and desires to be pulled into my world. This style of engagement allows us to deepen in an organic relationship, pushing the limits of depravity tucked away from the outside world. 

Planning in Advance

We’ve all felt the pull of immediacy in our desires – wanting that instant release of pleasure. How much more satisfying it is to let that desire simmer as you await in eager anticipation for your wildest fantasies to come true. Planning a Fly Me to You appointment takes care and consideration; I recommend reaching out at least a week in advance with your vetting information at the ready so we both have time to make all the necessary arrangements. 

Communicating Your Desires  

Communication is always key prior to a session, regardless of the location. Fly Me to You appointments take an extra degree of preparation, however, as I’ll need to know prior to traveling what implements to bring with me. If you’re interested in exploring something new but aren’t yet sure if it’s for you, let me know! And if you’d like a session with larger or more specialized equipment needs, advance notice is necessary so I can make the necessary arrangements with a local dungeon. A full list of My Interests can be found on my website.

Choosing the Right Accommodation

Whether I’m in your home city or we’re rendezvousing somewhere delectably new, I prefer our engagements be held in hotels, dungeons, or private residences. Keep your desires in mind while booking your accommodations, and the layout of the space that will best facilitate your fantasies. Common considerations are the size of the room, style of bed, furniture, and layout and size of the bathroom. Worried you won’t find the right fit? You can let me and my do all the planning for you. 

Crafting an Atmosphere 

For dates of all lengths, my goal is to have you immersed in the delights of our perversions. Think beyond the date itself and leave space in your day to both prepare and unwind from our session. For those lucky enough to be booking an extended engagement, I recommend planning food and leisure activities for us to recoup our strength before the exploration begins anew. 

Still have questions? Inquire directly via email at . Please include the following information in your missive:

  1. Full name
  2. A description of your interests and/or fantasies
  3. Experience level
  4. Session availability and length
  5. City where session will take place
  6. Hard limits
MVC - Fly Me to You

Unlocking Desire: Are you looking for a Chastity Mistress?

As a professional Dominatrix with a passion for guiding individuals through the thrilling realms of BDSM, I often find myself fielding questions about one particular kink that has piqued the curiosity of many: chastity. Whether you’re a seasoned player or someone considering dipping your toes into the fascinating world of BDSM, this article aims to shed light on the intricate dynamics play with a Chastity Mistress and help you discern if it’s the right fit for your desires.

MVC Chastity Mistress

Boston Dominatrix and Philadelphia Chastity Mistress: Crafting Unique Experiences

In the grand tapestry of BDSM experiences, I proudly weave the threads of dominance as both a Boston Dominatrix and the Mistress in Philadelphia. I specialize in crafting bespoke sessions that delve into the intricate dance of power and submission. Today, let’s cast our spotlight on chastity play – an art I’ve mastered to guide you through an experience that transcends physical restraint, exploring the nuanced realms of psychological and emotional surrender.

Navigating the Labyrinth of Chastity: Surrendering to Desires with Your Chastity Mistress

Chastity play, at its essence, is a consensual exchange of power. The submissive willingly surrenders control over their most intimate desires to the Mistress. It’s a journey rooted in trust, communication, and the electrifying dance of consent. As your guide through this labyrinth of desires, I invite you to explore the psychological and emotional dimensions of chastity – a journey where the destination is as significant as the path itself.

The Symphony of Anticipation and Release: Unveiling the Allure of Chastity

Beyond the physical constraints lies the allure of anticipation, the intensity of longing, and the ecstasy of ultimate release. Chastity play isn’t merely about the denial of physical pleasure; it’s a symphony of emotions and desires orchestrated by the skilled hands of a Chastity Mistress. In this dance of vulnerability and surrender, I specialize in creating a safe and trusting space for you to explore these uncharted territories, embracing the beauty of delayed gratification.

Choosing Miss Victoria Cayne: A Symphony of Expertise and Passion for Your Chastity Experience

Why entrust your chastity journey to Miss Victoria Cayne? The answer is a fusion of technical expertise, unwavering passion, and a commitment to ensuring your satisfaction. With a wealth of experience in the realm of BDSM, I bring not only a skill set finely tuned to the intricacies of chastity play but also an understanding of the emotional and psychological elements that make each encounter unique.

Whether you’re stepping into the BDSM universe for the first time or seeking a new level of intensity, I am here to make your chastity experience unforgettable. My dual presence in both Boston and Philadelphia ensures accessibility and convenience, providing you with the opportunity to explore your desires with a reputable and experienced Chastity Mistress in your area.

Booking Your Passage into Pleasure: A Personal Invitation to Explore BDSM

As our journey through the intricacies of chastity play unfolds, the question arises – are you ready to take the next step? I extend a personal invitation to book a session with me, allowing us to embark on a journey of pleasure, exploration, and surrender. Discover the depths of your fantasies and unlock the door to a world where desire meets expertise, trust meets anticipation, and every moment is crafted with your desires and boundaries in mind.

In conclusion, chastity play is not a mere act of restraint; it’s an emotional and psychological odyssey that requires trust, communication, and expertise. As your Chastity Mistress, I am here to guide you through this exhilarating experience, ensuring that every moment is tailored to your desires and boundaries. Embrace the allure of chastity and take the first step towards an unforgettable adventure – book your chastity experience with me today.

In Chastity for Mistress Victoria Cayne

Here’s a lovely recount of a recent session from one of My cherished pets:

Sessions with Mistress Victoria Cayne are an incredibly beautiful sensory overload that I never want to end. So much is happening, often simultaneously, that I sometimes have trouble remembering the sequence of events. Writing in my journal is the closest thing I have. That said, I will now try to describe one of the most incredible sessions of my life.

When I knocked and she opened the door, she was wearing a beautiful black lace top, the black leather gloves I adore, panties and nothing else. She wasn’t wearing stockings or her beautiful lace up boots yet, because she allowed me the honor of putting those on myself! 😊

We agreed afterward that this session brought our relationship to a whole new level. It deepened the intimacy between us. I was sincerely contrite for not being outside in front of the hotel when she needed me to be. I also made a few other mistakes born mostly from anxiety and over-eagerness that I won’t go into here. My repentant state of mind put me in a very submissive headspace. When I humbled myself before Mistress Victoria, I wasn’t just playing a role, I felt it in my heart. I wanted her to forgive me, but of course she already had. 

She told me everything would be alright—allowing me to rest my head on her leg while she tenderly stroked my hair. She ran her fingers all over my body, the electric warmth of her touch making every nerve ending spring vibrantly to life. Soon, my clothes were off and she was teasing me with her feet, rubbing them all over me and pushing them in my face so I could worship. She was spanking my ass, biting my nipples and teasing my doggie tail unmercifully. I felt every bit of resistance melt away as I became totally and completely hers.

Donning a garter belt, she allowed me to put on her stockings, patiently reminding me to smooth out the nylon as I rolled them down her beautiful legs, so they didn’t get crinkled or bunched up. When I finally reached the top of her thigh, she’d pull the suspender strap down and help me push the button through the stocking top. My reward was being allowed to worship her stockinged feet, passionately sniffing and kissing the bottoms as she pressed them to my nose and lips, an act of devotion that never fails to deepen my submission and bind me to her inexorably. 

“These stockings have no seams,” I observed.

“I decided to have mercy on you this time,” she replied, laughing.

Next, Goddess allowed me to put on her lace up, black leather boots. I’d requested these boots specifically, and she’d sent them ahead to the hotel, so they were waiting for me at the front desk when I arrived. I slid them onto her feet and sat beneath her on the carpet, meticulously lacing them up while she dug her stilettos into my flesh. Finally, she allowed me to worship them, kissing and licking the soft leather to my heart’s content as she whispered words of encouragement from above. This is a sacred ritual for me—another act of Goddess worship I adore and never tire of.

After some delightful and much-needed boot worship, she had me bend over the bed and began flogging me. I’d been worried about being too sensitive to take corporal punishment, but her whip warmed me like a roaring fire on a cold winter’s day. 

“Good doggie,” she purred as her whip rose and fell, “you’re taking this very well.”

Next, she gave me 10 cane strokes, delivered with force and precision while I squealed and moaned. I was out of practice and they were difficult to take, but I wanted to take them for her.

“It’s alright, doggie. Breathe…” 

By the time she was done, I was floating on a cloud of endorphins. Her cane left beautiful purple welts on my ass that I’m still gazing at with pride and fascination this morning, three days later. 

Goddess said she’d had her fingernails done just for me. To prove it, she raked them across my back, making me cry out time and time again. At one point she had me kneel up and scratched her initials into my back. Later, she scratched MVC into my belly and chest, so I could see her initials better. 

“Can you take more for me, doggie? Breathe and relax. That’s a good boy.” 

I really felt like Mistress Victoria’s slave this weekend. She opened me up in a whole new way. I’d purchased a chastity device for the session, in hopes that she’d lock me up in it and tease me unmercifully.

I adored the feeling of belonging to her in such an intimate way. It felt meaningful and deeply sexy to surrender to her completely and give her that kind of control over me. Once the cage was on, I felt my submission to her deepen. 

With my chastity device finally on, Mistress Victoria took me into the bathroom and baptized me.

“Open wide, doggie. I hope you’re thirsty!”

The rest, dear reader, I’ll leave to your imagination… Rest assured, this was only the beginning of this obedient doggie’s journey that weekend! 

Pushing your submission to the next level

“ I began sessioning with MVC back in 2014 and the intensity built into these sessions grew considerably over time. Her creativity seemed to ensure every session would build on the next and there would be plenty of surprises on the submissive journey she was crafting so wonderfully. Then covid hit and i thought the chemistry would need to be re-established if our live sessions ever resumed. It turns out that I didn’t need to worry.

The 1st session back was if there wasn’t a two-year hiatus. MVC hit every old chord beautifully and, as always, added a few tricks that added even more to what became a wonderful session. However, it was the next session where MVC demonstrated, once again, why she has established herself as one of the best in the business.

It started with my simply adding another simple word to my session request. That simple word, dirty, led to MVC unleashing an ever-increasing cadence of 1st time experiences as soon as I presented myself and just continued to build on each other. At one point she turned me into what felt like a junior partner in pushing my submission to her to a level I never would have imagined when I first started. I was left speechless, emotionally spent and utterly used by a remarkable Mistress.”

Lucky to be Hers

A short while ago, I had the privilege to once again serve Miss Victoria Cayne in Her dungeon in Philadelphia. Days before I was scheduled to travel to Pennsylvania to see Her, I got the message every slave both dreads and loves to see… “It’s time to lock up!”

Already on edge from the days (and sleepless nights) in chastity, I arrived at the dungeon—where MVC wasted no time collaring, binding, and leashing me. I’ve come to learn from experience that MVC likes me as physically helpless as I am mentally helpless in Her presence. Now rendered nothing more than a toy for Her amusement, Mistress soon moved me to the imposing bondage chair against the wall—but not before making sure I was outfitted with all manner of electric toys for Her to play with for the next hour or so.

I’m always amazed at the expert skill with which MVC paces a scene. Elaborate bondage takes time to execute properly and the process of being bound is as much a part of the experience as the complete immobilization itself. While gagged and blindfolded, it’s hard to tell exactly what Mistress is or will be doing next—but Her presence radiates throughout the dungeon maintaining connection and chemistry throughout.

After being locked in chastity for a prolonged period, the skin is extra sensitive. Sensation is dialed up to eleven and sometimes what would otherwise be pleasurable sensations can burn or feel like CBT. MVC took this to Her full advantage keeping me completely on edge… the only relief from Her torturous ministrations coming in the form of Her sweaty feet pressed against my face as the electricity cascaded and peaked below. Already at my wits end, Mistress then moved me to the spanking bench, where She had even more access to ruthlessly tease and deny me until I could take no more…

All the while a single thought permeated my conscious, “I’m so lucky to be Hers!”

Rapturous Enthrallment

A short while ago, I had the privilege of serving MVC during Her recent tour to NYC. MVC tours regularly to Boston, Washington DC, and Chicago but this was Her first official tour to New York and I was honored for the chance to spend time with Her!

Ahead of Her arrival I was instructed to lock myself in chastity and make sure to have charged the powerful Bluetooth buttplug that only She has control over… so I knew I was in for a desperate couple of days! 😉

At the end of the first day of MVC’s tour at out of one of New York’s finest professional dungeons, I had the joy of treating Her to a plentiful spread of Turkish food from a nearby restaurant. Those who have sessioned with MVC know that she cares about chemistry first and foremost, and I have come to cherish O/our time catching up and connecting before and after a scene as much as I do the incredible sessions themselves.

Given the late hour, it seemed prudent to save the more strenuous tortures for the following evening when W/we were both better rested. For now, I was instructed to undress and lay prone on the ground beneath Her so She could use my face as a footrest for Her tired feet after a long day in the dungeon. As MVC pressed Her feet firmly down, I found myself unconcerned by my own comfort or the passage of time. All that mattered was I was there to serve my Mistress, and as long as She was comfortable and at ease so too was I.

I remained locked that night—the key to my cage securely out of my possession. And though I expected a rough, sleepless night given my predicament: I was pleasantly surprised when I had one of the soundest night sleeps I’d ever had… cage or no cage! In MVC’s words, “I was right where I belonged” and with that came a sense of total contentment.

Of course, the following evening I had my mind blown as only MVC can when she turns all Her creative attentions to the sweet suffering of one of Her subjects. Having been plugged all evening the night before during dinner, Mistress instructed me to use the larger Bluetooth toy that had been charged in anticipation of Her arrival. Still locked, MVC conducted my ass like a symphony from an adjacent room as I knelt on the floor awaiting Her arrival.

Upon entering the room, MVC proceeded to completely bind me from head-to-toe. I lay on the ground entirely entombed in the embrace of her leather body bag (one of my favorites). Straps, hand and feet mitts, and a hood all added to my helplessness. The next hour consisted of an exquisite mixture of pleasure and pain; tease and denial. A blur of increasingly challenging electrics, foot smothering, and vibration. By the end, I was a gibbering, smiling mess of a slave, floating down from a cloud of subspace. Grateful to be used; grateful to be owned.

And as I reflect fondly now on that kinky night, I find myself once again locked… straining against the cruel yet familiar bars of a custom, steel cage I acquired at MVC’s direction… Once again awaiting the chance a few days from now to present myself to Her to serve and be used however She wishes. I wouldn’t want it any other way…

This is what it means to be where I belong. This is what it means to be under the rapturous enthrallment of Miss Victoria Cayne.

Best of Both Worlds

slave a and I were having troubles aligning our schedules, and we were long overdue to play, so I made sure My weekend was clear as well as his for some long overdue play time…he is such a dear toy to Me, and I cherish each and every scene we have together. 

“MVC’s judgement as always had been extraordinarily prudent and wise! It had been over a week since my last release and the anticipation for O/our session the following day had me already melting… A chastity cage was more than necessary to ensure “Her” cock didn’t have any accidents in the interim.

As instructed, I locked up as the anticipation for O/our extended scene had my head in all sorts of places. I anticipated the embrace of MVC’s leather body bag, strewn out to be used, teased, and/or tortured however She wished. Whether that was to be the challenge of increasingly harsh electrics, the intimacy and humiliation of having Her feet and armpits pressed against my face, or whatever other torture She may have in store. I was also excited by the possibilities of playing both in the immaculately equipped dungeon She shares with Domina Ava St. Marks as well as in the hotel room I had booked nearby. Splitting the scene over the course of two days provided a chance to recapture that clandestine intimacy of O/our earliest encounters in Boston and doing something kinky/taboo in a more domestic/everyday environment. 

As I think back: one of my happiest memories of the past year was a simple, fleeting moment of laying on the ground—MVC and I in O/our vanilla clothes–while W/we waiting for an Uber to arrive. Staring into MVC’s eyes, Her feet pressed against my face straight from their sneakers. Perhaps it was my imagination, but they seemed the most foul they had ever been. The smell was so strong I couldn’t decide whether it was reward or punishment–but ultimately it didn’t matter because there was my Mistress locking eyes with me and that was all that mattered. I could have stayed there for a week… 🙂

Breaking up the session between the dungeon and hotel truly would allow us to have the best of both worlds.

True to form, the afternoon in the dungeon was positively mind scrambling. Mistress instructed me to arrive plugged with an extra key to my hotel room and the only keys to my chastity cage. Both were handed over to Her with haste before I was forced to succumb to some of the most restrictive bondage and intense electric play in O/our entire history of playing. All the while, being completely denied for the 2+ hours.

A quick shower followed by a delightful dinner before I headed back to hotel, still securely locked, for whatever rest I could muster. For you see, MVC had that extra key to my hotel room along with my full consent to show up without warning at any time of Her choosing!

I can think of no luckier way to be woken up. MVC came unannounced to my hotel, to bind me in a complex web on intricate rope bondage & to torment me with Her sweaty feet. The more I whimpered about being locked up in chastity, the more Mistress teased me. A cock-shaped gag was forced into my mouth ensuring that as Her feet pressed upon my face, the rubber cock was shoved deeper and deeper down my throat. It was sensory overload at it’s finest.

Finally satisfied I suffered enough for Her amusement, I was at last unlocked and the scene came to its inevitable conclusion. If I wasn’t tied down, I’m sure I would have floated to the ceiling of the hotel suite.

Rest assured—whether in a dungeon or in a hotel—MVC’s sessions are second to none! No one can craft and execute a scene the way She can! Her penchant for orchestrating mind-blowing scenes is unrivaled.


slave a and I recently commemorated two years since Our/our first session! I wanted to share some of his thoughts below:

A short while ago, MVC and I celebrated Our/our two-year “slave-a-versary”. Reflecting on the two years since We/we first met, I was reminded how grateful I am to be Her slave. I feel like I’ve run out of superlatives and accolades to describe what an incredible Mistress MVC is. Each and every boundary-pushing session has been more thrilling, hot, and mind-blowing than the last.

To serve MVC is to feel purpose. To stare into Her beautiful eyes is to be known. To be beneath Her is to know peace.

The tortured anticipation of waiting for Our/our session was almost too much to bear; The knots in my stomach, the sleepless nights, and the erotic charge of longing to serve again. I even felt forced to lock myself back into chastity a few days before We/we played—not trusting my basest of instincts—and wanting to ensure I arrived at the dungeon in as a helpless, submissive frenzy as I could. As I heard the familiar click of the lock and felt the confining snugness of the steel cage, I realized I had been on borrowed time. “This is where I belong,” as MVC would say.

The session was of course incredible! A brilliantly orchestrated barrage of impact play and scratching, electrics, heavy bondage, foot worship, and overall total domination—all perfectly executed as only MVC can.

In a recent tweet, MVC described a photo of the marks left on a sub as how She paints. It’s an appropriate sentiment that only deepens the more consideration is given. Not only do the marks reveal themselves to be art through the simple visual contrast against the skin—but the entire process in how they are rendered is nothing short of art.

Like the greatest artisan, MVC, is capable of eliciting the desired results using Her tools and me, Her canvas. Having played dozens of times now, She knows not only the limits of pain I can take mentally—but the exact amount of pressure and force required to leave her imprint upon me without drawing blood. The result is art, as is the process. A beautiful power exchange between Mistress & sub.

I am so honored to be Hers.

Bound & Helpless

Kneeling on the dungeon floor, collared, and locked, Our/our session began with the privilege of kissing Miss Victoria Cayne’s thigh high boots. It was the perfect start to a perfect session as time slowed and any thoughts of the outside world were abandoned. My entire focus rightfully devoted to MVC.

Once it was clear that I firmly knew my place, MVC led me by the leash to the bondage table. Mistress’s new custom leather arm and leg binders had just arrived in the mail, and I was going to get to be the lucky test subject for their first use.

Sprawled across the table, the scent of new leather gear in the air, Mistress secured my arms and legs in the series of concentric cuffs. The red accents of the gear matching the collar She’d selected for me during a trip to San Francisco nearly a year ago.

Content that I was entrapped to Her satisfaction, my chastity cage was removed. I had been locked for over a month–but instead of being able to enjoy this respite–I was blindfolded and gagged. My world consisting only of the sounds of the elaborate rope bondage being added to further secure the arm and legbinders already on me.

A master of devising sweetly sadistic predicaments, an electric probe was added to keep me on edge. MVC was then free to sit back, relax, and shove Her sweaty feet into my gagged and blind face.

Soon I was worked into a complete submissive frenzy; shaking, and quivering in frustration. Time slipped away with the minutes seeming to both rush by and languish endlessly all at once.

Each and every encounter somehow redefines the meaning of the word “helpless” in MVC’s presence. A sensory deprivation machine was swapped out with the blindfold filling my head with blasts of light and disorienting patterns of sound.

Finally, after endless teasing and denial: I was granted release following a countdown. I lay helplessly bound on the table, entirely spent physically and emotionally, as I drifted down from the ceiling.

Bondage- “Ava St. Mark’s Style”

Here’s an account of a recent afternoon of heavy immobilization with Ava St. Marks and slave a:

A bit ago, I had the distinct honor of serving as Miss Victoria Cayne’s “practice dummy” as She learned some new bondage techniques from Domina Ava St. Marks. My first sessions with MVC were mostly out of hotel rooms during Her many tours around the country, and each of those encounters was completely mind-blowing and lacked for nothing given the multiple suitcases of devious equipment She tours with. Nonetheless, it’s always a special privilege to session with Her in Mistress Ava’s perfectly appointed and well-stocked dungeon outside of Philly, and that experience is only dialed up to 11 when you have the chance to session with both MVC & Domina St. Marks at the same time!

It was my first double with these titans of BDSM, and the flow of the afternoon was a bit more casual as Mistress Ava offered her masterful expertise on various advanced bondage practices. Hearing Mistress Ava & MVC’s discussions of technique was fascinating and made the experience no less intense or rewarding! It was a privilege to be used this way by them both.

First on the docket was the St. Catherine’s wheel: a giant wooden, revolving contraption anchoring one corner of the dungeon. I was firmly bound with countless straps by MVC & Mistress Ava, ensuring my safety but also placing me in an inescapable predicament. Once secured, the counterweights on the giant wheel were adjusted allowing my entire body to be rotated at MVC’s whim. A blindfold was added to further the disorienting effect. I was soon completely inverted as blood quickly rushed to my head. This put me in the perfect position for MVC to be able to effortlessly smother my face with her foot. As usual, I had been locked in chastity for weeks in advance of Our/our encounter.

A few more circulations on the wheel, and then I was moved to the spanking bench. I’d been on the bench plenty of times before, but Mistress Ava & MVC’s expert skills soon rendered me more immobilized then I had ever been. Head to toe, no appendage or body part was spared the expertly orchestrated rope, cuffs, and straps. It is no exaggeration to say that I couldn’t move an inch, and Mistress Ava rocked the spanking bench back and forth to prove it.

Once MVC and Mistress Ava were content that I was completely bound. The spanking began. I’m a bit of a lightweight when it comes to pain, but I take pain for MVC’s enjoyment and pleasure.  At this point I was so gone and in subspace that I could barely count. Each time I made a mistake Mistress Ava switched to a harsher implement. It wasn’t long before I was sobbing as MVC held my bound and blindfolded head. It was an incredibly powerful moment!

Finally, Mistress Ava went over different suspension techniques… another first for me! Before I knew it I had been hoisted into the air; my weight expertly distributed to protect my joints from undue stress. It took quite a while for me to come down both literally and emotionally, but afterwards I was granted the privilege of helping to clean and organize the countless implements that had been used for my torment and abuse.

If you get the chance to session with these two amazing Pro-Dommes, I strongly encourage you to respectfully reach out and book a session! Devious minds, well-honed skills, and amazing equipment; it was an unforgettable afternoon!