Victoria Cayne

FMTY Engagements: Your Questions Answered

You’re about to embark on one of the most scintillating experiences you will have in this lifetime: a Fly Me to You appointment with your Miss Victoria Cayne. What do you need to prepare in order to please her, and ensure an equally gratifying tryst? The devil is in the details…

Why Fly Me to You?

There’s no shortage of impressive dommes across the world, it’s true. A Fly Me to You appointment is ideal for the discerning submissive who is called to my unique proclivities as a sweet and sadistic dominatrix, and desires to be pulled into my world. This style of engagement allows us to deepen in an organic relationship, pushing the limits of depravity tucked away from the outside world. 

Planning in Advance

We’ve all felt the pull of immediacy in our desires – wanting that instant release of pleasure. How much more satisfying it is to let that desire simmer as you await in eager anticipation for your wildest fantasies to come true. Planning a Fly Me to You appointment takes care and consideration; I recommend reaching out at least a week in advance with your vetting information at the ready so we both have time to make all the necessary arrangements. 

Communicating Your Desires  

Communication is always key prior to a session, regardless of the location. Fly Me to You appointments take an extra degree of preparation, however, as I’ll need to know prior to traveling what implements to bring with me. If you’re interested in exploring something new but aren’t yet sure if it’s for you, let me know! And if you’d like a session with larger or more specialized equipment needs, advance notice is necessary so I can make the necessary arrangements with a local dungeon. A full list of My Interests can be found on my website.

Choosing the Right Accommodation

Whether I’m in your home city or we’re rendezvousing somewhere delectably new, I prefer our engagements be held in hotels, dungeons, or private residences. Keep your desires in mind while booking your accommodations, and the layout of the space that will best facilitate your fantasies. Common considerations are the size of the room, style of bed, furniture, and layout and size of the bathroom. Worried you won’t find the right fit? You can let me and my do all the planning for you. 

Crafting an Atmosphere 

For dates of all lengths, my goal is to have you immersed in the delights of our perversions. Think beyond the date itself and leave space in your day to both prepare and unwind from our session. For those lucky enough to be booking an extended engagement, I recommend planning food and leisure activities for us to recoup our strength before the exploration begins anew. 

Still have questions? Inquire directly via email at . Please include the following information in your missive:

  1. Full name
  2. A description of your interests and/or fantasies
  3. Experience level
  4. Session availability and length
  5. City where session will take place
  6. Hard limits
MVC - Fly Me to You