Victoria Cayne

As told by My new Philadelphia Chastity boy…

Hello Mistress,

Words cannot possibly describe my opinion of our experience together, today.

I want to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to share the same air with you this afternoon

I have been in this scene for nearly 21 years and i must insist, that today, was by far, the best experience.

You knew exactly what drove me, what made me insane, and what i enjoyed….not to mention the perfectness of your beautiful EVERYTHING!

The internet does not do you justice, you look great on the internet, that is for sure, but in person is so much more.

You are/were perfect in every way…the beauty, the outfit, the authority you command…from the moment we began, you did not let up…commanding the much deserved respect.

I have been to many a dominatrixes in my life, from Philly to Poconos to overseas as you are aware of, and there is no doubt You are #1 in every category….from location, to beauty, to space, to command, to authority to interests and not to mention, you are to die over!

After 138 days, it took every ounce of being for me to last the nearly two hours without exploding, didn’t quite make it, but what do you expect when you haven’t cum since May, when you are with such a perfect being as yourself for two hours?


I hope we can grow our interests more, and for sure, i will be needing to see you again, as you now have the only keys i had for this device….

Was hoping to get out of the steel device today, but as you know, that did not happen.

Thank you again, for an experience i will surely never forget and i hope to see you again very soon.

For your viewing and reading pleasure…

This is an outtake of a shoot I did about a year ago. I am very pleased with most of my devoted toys, so here you go! Those of you know who isn’t worthy of viewing this image. I also wanted to post some really great words, one of My newest favorite toys in Boston wrote for me! We had such a hot scene, the chemistry and connection was immediate on both ends!

Thank you dear sub, I look forward to my next Boston trip!

“Thank you for an amazing session on your recent trip to Boston. It was clear from the moment the session got under way that you had taken the time to review our correspondence and tailor the experience to explore my interests while taking into consideration my limitations. The play felt personal and never scripted.

The teasing was exquisite and torturous. The bondage some of the most immobilizing I’ve ever experienced. I felt completely helpless, but happily didn’t experience any numbness or tingling from pinched nerves as I’ve sometimes had issues with in the past. I was amazed how many positions we were able to explore during the two hours.

The whole scene was fantastic. I felt exposed and completely at your mercy. Perfectly forceful without feeling like any damage was being done. The electric stimulation was a new experience for me and easily the highlight of the evening. It was my first time sessioning out of a hotel room, but the amount of equipment and toys in your mobile arsenal left nothing to be desired.

You were incredibly adept at sensing when I needed to change bondage positions, have a gag adjusted, or needed a water break all without breaking your control or the momentum of the scene And the forced CEI at the end of the scene was a pleasant, unpleasant surprise!

Setting up a session with a pro-domme for the first time can always be a bit nervous-making, but you made the process as stress free as possible.  I look forward to hopefully many more encounters in the future. I’d love to pick up where we left off! :)”