Victoria Cayne

In slave joe’s words…part one…

Eight years ago i decided i wanted to expand my horizons by doing different things.  You only live once after all, and i was nearing 40.  i decided one of the things i wanted to do was a bondage scene, and not a light one.  So i went on the Internet to find a Mistress and locate where She would be.  After looking at many ads i came across Mistress Victoria Cayne.  At the time She was a switch.  But i was interested in a Dominatrix and for whatever reason i chose Her.  It turned out to be a fantastic decision.

i contacted her to arrange a session, and She was very nice on the phone.  i also began to learn D/s etiquette immediately when She told me to address Her as Mistress, even on the phone.  After a few more questions She set up a time convenient for both of us, and an experience that continues to this day started.
Being a complete nervous wreck i arrived at the address She provided 45 minutes early.  So i waited in my car, looking at my watch every two minutes so i would not be late for my 4 hour session.  As the time got closer my stomach began doing flips, and i was thinking of backing out, but i was there already so i ultimately decided to go through with my first session.

The time came and i was on the front step, hoping that i rang the right doorbell.  Mistress Cayne answered the door.  i didn’t get a good look at Her face, and if i did i don’t remember (nerves).  There was just an aura about Her.  Sexual, dominating, cruel, with an indescribable beauty, but at the same time She projected a very calming feeling.  Of course that did not last when i was taken to the playroom.

The first thing i saw was a huge, heavy bondage table.  Mistress sat down on a divan.  Being the first time i ever sessioned, let alone with Her, She interviewed me.  She asked some personal questions, what my hard limits were, and what i was interested in.  Mistress explained what her limitations were, and gave me the safe words.  She was sizing me up to see if i was consistent in my answers and if i really meant and wanted to go through with this.  After about 5 or 10 minutes Mistress Cayne stood up and said “Take your clothes off and lie on the table.”  My reply was “All my clothes?  Underwear too?”  “Yes” was the simple yet commanding answer.
i laid on the table as ordered, and Mistress proceeded to put leather cuffs on me and then chain me to the posts after putting me in a collar.  It is a very confusing feeling the first time someone totally restricts your movement.  Mistress finished chaining me up and i heard Her walk away.  At this point my first thought is “What the hell am i doing and how do i get out of this!”  i had put all my trust and safety in a complete stranger’s hands that i had talked to 3 or 4 time before and had just met 20 minutes earlier.  But the realization came over me, being chained to the table, that i really had no choice in the matter.  i realized that if i stopped now i would never go through with this again.  Mistress came over to check on me a few times, and to see what my cock was doing, and see if i was coping physically as well as mentally.  No problem so far.  i heard water running but had no idea what it was for.  It turned out it was for shaving my pubic area.  Unexpected, but everything since i walked into the playroom was unexpected.  The first real idea that i had that this was going to be different was when my cock kept getting in the way while Mistress prepared me.  She tied it up so it stood erect and out of the way. i had never had that done before, and it was uncomfortable, but not too painful.  Mistress was humming while She did all this, and occasionally reached up to tweak my nipples.”Alright?” She asked.  My reply was “i guess.”   Mistake.  She twisted my nipple like a radio dial and said “What!” “Yes Mistress” came the correct if belated answer.  “Very Good” She said.

After laying there for a while to calm me down and to build anticipation, Mistress released me from the table and ordered me to get on all fours.  She had put a blindfold on me, and She put me on a leash, and told me to follow Her.  We stopped in the middle of the room below an arch and some chains. Still wearing the leather cuffs, Mistress added a ball gag, hooked me to the chains and stretched me up till i was standing on my tiptoes.  She then completely wrapped me up in plastic wrap except for above my head so i could breathe.  And what i came for began.  A heavy flogger, whips, paddles and Mistress’s namesake came into play.
It felt like forever once Mistress started, but it was probably only 45 minutes or so. She pushed me with Her toys as hard as She dared.  i thought the flogger would hurt, and it did, very much so.  But that was nothing compared to Her cane. Light taps didn’t seem to do much but as they accumulated they really began to sting. And then there would be one good whack and “Ow, Holy S*@t! That hurt!” Throughout Mistress was telling me to breathe and relax.  What choice did i have?  At this time i realized who really was in charge and if i did not do as She said there would be consequences.

Mistress Cayne was teaching me the rules and D/s laws throughout the session, whether i knew it or not.  Every time i answered her She made sure i addressed Her as Mistress. She never said it but it was implied that during a session that my eyes are to be directed down, and too never look at Her unless instructed to do so.  And when kneeling to keep my back straight, and not to set back on my haunches.  Things i remember to this day.

Mistress let me stand there on my toes, in the wrap for a while to cool off and calm down. She then let me down and lead me back to the table. i was laid spread eagle on the table and tied up.  At about every foot my body was tightly tied down. Mistress then proceeded to wax me.  As with other things earlier i was thinking how much could this hurt.  i found out it depends where the wax lands. Mistress then left and came back with a large vibrator, and used it on my cock and balls.  She was going to reward me by allowing me to cum. i did not fight the sensation, but i did not want the session to end there either.   After 5 minutes Mistress got up to go get something, and she was walking away i came.  Mistress was extremely disappointed that i came without Her approval and consent.

Mistress untied me and it was at this time that i got my first good look at Her.  She oozed confidence because She knew what She was doing and it showed.  Mistress has a killer smile, sweet and delicate, but one that looks like at the same time She could eat you up.  Her hair shaped Her face perfectly. Mistress is a very sexual person, and to this day i don’t think She realizes how much She is. She was wearing a corset with fishnet stockings, and thigh high boots with spiked heels. i wanted to worship them but had neglected to say that in the initial interview so etiquette prevented me from bringing it up. So i had content myself with “perhaps in the future”.  And Mistress was sweet too, asking throughout if i was alright or needed a break, showing her caring side. During and after the session Mistress Cayne had commanded and demanded my respect.

And so the session ended.  I had thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Mistress asked me if i would consider doing another session.  i said absolutely because it’s addicting.  (i had my next session about three months later).  Mistress gave a kiss on the cheek and a hug, and i left the location.  Thoughts flew around my head and i couldn’t sort them out.  But there was one thought that was in my mind that i could see clearly.  i wanted to session again, and i wanted to work my way up to possibly be a slave for Mistress Victoria Cayne’s. Most humbly submitted, slave joe

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