Victoria Cayne

New Review–Max Fisch

This was quite a fun session and I was glad to be able to read it from slave alan’s perspective!

Here is the text:
i had a second session with Mistress Victoria because the first time went so well. Last time, it was 2 hours, this time, it went 3. i took off most of my limits and told Mistress that i was Hers to tease and torment. Again, i was Her boss and She quickly let me know who was really the boss.

Upon ariving, Mistress Victoria was wearing a pinstriped blazer showing a hint of her beautiful breasts and a short skirt with heels. i called Her into my office and told Her that, due to Her performance, Her work hours would be changing. She didn’t like that too much. i told Her if She didn’t like it, She could leave. She tried to blackmail me with the fact that i had videocameras set up around the office including the Woman’s bathroom. W/we got into an argument, and before i knew it, She ripped my shirt off and had me on my knees. She had me crawl along the floor and from there, She gave me my first treat.  She spit in my mouth and did so repeatedly. i’m sure if i didn’t swallow Her spit everytime She allowed me to taste it, i could have filled up a small bucket. Then, She tied me to a bar while i was lying on the floor. my legs were spread wide and she proceeded to trample Her dick and Her balls to let me know who was in charge. She graciously allowed me to worship her sweaty feet. She had me kneel on a strapping bench. i worshipped Her strap-on and She made me look in Her sexy eyes while i humiliated myself.  The rest of the session flew by and i couldn’t believe 3 hours were up.

Thank You, Mistress Victoria. i am Yours forever.


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