Victoria Cayne

How Time Flies! (Part II)

Here’s another “blast from the past” review from John J:

I was dressed in pink panties and a pink bra. While on all fours, my balls were tied up tight with rope and pulled back under my legs up toward my ass to eliminate any unsightly bulge in my panties. The end of the rope was also pulled back and was laid across my back then over my head.

Miss Victoria positioned herself and her cock in front of my face. I then began sucking her strap-on, which was continually shoved down my throat past the point of choking. I was gagging and there were a number of times when the gag reflex was so strong that I almost vomited. Miss Victoria seems to relish any sound that might reflect pain, humiliation or discomfort, and this time was not any different. My gagging was usually accompanied by a little chuckle as Miss Victoria voiced her amusement at my predicament.

As I sucked, Mistress Victoria grabbed and pulled the end of the rope tightly, forcing my balls to stretch further up my ass cheeks. This in turn forced my body and head forward, which also forced the dildo further down my throat. The rope trick, accompanied by a firm hand on the back of my head made for an intense strap-on sucking session. My eyes were tearing up from the gagging and choking, but I was in heaven.

Miss Victoria has a great body (and I am picky), and I really enjoyed the sight of her firm and creamy inner thigh where skin met the satin of her stocking, then down to just below her knee where her black leather boots began. I focused on this visual as the dildo hit the back of my throat. It was my salvation, and I was deep under her spell.

As I lay there feeling tingly and content, I heard Miss Victoria moving about. I could hear pieces of furniture being moved around. Finally my blindfold was removed. I turned my head and saw that she had pieced together the mechanism of my next torture. I saw a horse of some sort that sat very low to the floor. There was a narrow pad at a higher level, with two other narrow pads beneath it and to either side (much like a boat with two outriggers). This device was positioned adjacent to a side wall, up against a vertical piece of wood that ran up the same wall. Secured to this piece of wood via a suction cup at the end of it, was a very large dildo placed at knee level. I was led to the horse, which I straddled. My knees rested on the two lower pads. Behind me was Miss Victoria, and in front of me was a large dildo secured to the wall, extending out into the room. It was long, and its length caused it to droop just a bit as its tip hovered near my lips.

I was told to get the dildo in my mouth. I inched my knees forward, and as I did so, the dildo began filling my mouth.  Gentle pushing became forceful shoving. The dildo was going further and further in my mouth. The more it went down my throat, the closer my head got to the piece of wood that ran up the wall.  It was extremely humiliating and I loved it. Miss Victoria seemed to be enjoying it as well. As my head banged into the piece of wood, I felt extremely submissive, and truth be told, I probably would have let Miss Victoria do whatever she wanted to me at that point without question. Even retelling the story makes me feel so submissive that I just want to go to her right now and kneel in front of her while she slaps my face back and forth repeatedly.

I knew that was where I belonged at that very moment.

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