Victoria Cayne

A Toy in Need of Correction

The uncertainty… the trepidation… the anticipation. The quickening of my heartbeat as I approach her door. As her door opens, I know she is standing behind and as it slowly closes behind me, I see her. Miss Victoria Cayne greets me and her eyes immediately pull me in. She is gorgeous; her soft, red hair, her figure but most of all, her presence captivate me.

She has played with me before and knows my weaknesses well. The sessions are hers to direct and she determines the level of play I will be subjected to. Whatever she wants to do with me will be done. She is considerate of me and will honor a safe word, but she will push me to my limits before this session is over.

I recently erred, and I knew that during this visit to Miss Victoria Cayne, in Boston, was going to include some much needed correction. She got right to it.

I stretched naked over her lap and she proceeded to administer my punishment with some severe spanking. This skilled woman wields a heavy hand. I wondered to myself what the hell I was thinking when I cancelled a previous session with her and provided insultingly short notice. I realized giving such short notice of canceling was not my only wrong. I was disrespectful of her, whom I am very fond of and I disrupted her schedule as well, leaving a hole in her plans.

A series of rapid fire spankings, counting down from 100, drove the point home.

I have to mention that she very nicely soothes my reddened bottom with her ointment, which also allowed a greater impact of her stinging strikes.

Following my spanking, Miss Victoria Cayne used her electrical toys to further torment my bottom, before taking me completely.

An erotic, stimulating and corrective session at the mercy of my mistress. She is magnificent and in a short time has mesmerized and captivated me. My allegiance is to Miss Victoria Cayne.

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