Victoria Cayne

Carving and Morphing My toys into My own image

This was written by My foot slave & “toylet”. I was the first professional Mistress he served (one and done), and as always, I love carving and morphing My toys into My own image. This object came to Me for a dehumanization and total power exchange session, which is only one of the highly specialized types of scene I do. I greatly enjoy the opportunity to continue to train him and am pleased to see him progress under Me. Your surrender is inevitable! 


Victoria The Conqueress:

All I ever wanted was to find a strong, dominant, and assertive woman that will conquer me both physically and mentally, and then mold me into whatever She likes. Mistress Victoria Cayne scratched that itch for me. She is a woman who is in control of you before, during, and after your session. She accepts nothing less than your complete and total submission, and She deserves it. She knows how to put you in your place.

From the first second I laid my eyes on Her, She ordered me to get on my knees and bow down to Her because it is Her right as a Goddess. As long as I am in Her presence, I am not allowed to stand up without Her permission. The closer my head is to the ground, the better. It is under Her feet that I find peace and happiness. Her divine foot resting on my face gives it a purpose to exist. The water that was used to wash the sweat and dirt from Her feet is a Holy water that I must drink to fulfill my purpose. If She wants to go somewhere, She doesn’t have to walk, She rides me to Her destination.

Mistress Victoria is a true genius and expert when it comes to dehumanization and mind control. There are little things that She does that you don’t notice at first, but when you later think about them and analyze them, you come to appreciate Her genius and fall deeper under Her spell.

I’ve had a few sessions with Her and I can confidently say that She has made me a better person. Thanks to Her training, I’ve learned to approach these sessions differently. I’ve learned to prioritize my Mistress’ wants and needs over mine. I should not ask what my Mistress can do for me, but what I can do for my Mistress. The session should be structured around what She wants and enjoys. She then picks the slave who enjoys those same things. If She asks me whether I want to worship Her feet, my response is only if She thinks I am worthy.

Mistress Victoria taught me that if She wanted me to do something and I wasn’t able to handle it, that didn’t mean we shouldn’t do it, it meant that I needed more training, and She was right. She is always right. It is Her right to demand my servitude and submission, and it is my duty to obey Her at all costs. I am proud to have been conquered and molded by Her.

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