Victoria Cayne

When Fantasies become Reality

Another testimonial from a dear toy. I count myself among the extremely lucky that W/we’ve been able to connect many times…

How did I ever become so fortunate, so late in life?
What did I ever do to deserve that my fantasies would become reality?

Meeting Miss Victoria Cayne raised these questions in my mind. She is, for me, a compass that leads me directly towards that ethereal land between dreams and awareness when I am in session with her. In fact, this sense of detachment from reality lasts quite a long time.

I will be going home on public transportation, and marveling at the impression that few others on the train have had a similar experience as I that day. My trembling legs and sense of awe at what she and I had just done. Miss Victoria Cayne is a must see when she is in Boston.

A must see is actually an understatement…. you must session with her to truly experience her talents and skills. She is adept and knowledgeable about her instruments. She is careful and thorough in her meticulous cleaning and I noticed the vacuum resealing of her toys and steel.

I don’t have a wealth of experience in this area of play and torment. However, I think Miss Victoria Cayne has to be among the hardest working woman of her peers. She doesn’t stop. She will be spanking me hard and then pull me in front of a full length mirror to show me a very red bottom. From there we may transition to a more fulfilling position where even more fantasies are made true, if you dare.

I wish I had dared to enter this “new” foreign way of expression and emotional release many years ago. I wish Miss Victoria Cayne would’ve spanked teenage bottom instead of the senior one that I offer to her. She is gracious though and doesn’t comment on the flatness of this old carcass. Seriously, she is too considerate to tease and offend.

Her beauty, her sexiness, her skills, her kindness. What more could one ask for in a Mistress and even in a person? She has brightened my life and for that I truly am grateful. Let her into yours. Value and treasure her.

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