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Slut’s Soiree: Boston Halloween 2013 Invite ONLY

Domina Thalia and I are hosting an invite only “Slut’s Soiree” Halloween in Boston. THIS IS AN INVITE ONLY EVENT FOR SAFETY AND QUALITY CONTROL PURPOSES. YOU MUST, I REPEAT, MUST have served either Her or I and made quite a good impression on us. We are just about full, but in the attempt, that we did not email you directly (as We both get a lot of emails) this is a call for those sluts who may deem themselves worthy for this event. We are both more interested in quality, rather than quantity, so this is why this is such a highly exclusive event.

Here are some dirty details…if you are interested in the full invitation, email Me and provide Me with pertinent information. If I deem you worthy, I may send you an invite. The times may be subject to a bit of adjustment, depending on availability… NO INVITATIONS WILL BE SENT OUT AFTER OCTOBER 29.

Slut’s Soiree, Boston, Halloween 2013
Greetings ‘ladies’ & gentlemen,
you are reading this because you have been selected by the two of us as our most favorite and cherished cocksuckers!! Have you ever wanted to show off your slutty and submissive skills in a group audience? Domina Thalia and Miss Victoria Cayne have hand-picked the best and sluttiest cocksuckers to cum to our party! The possibilities are endless and we will engage in a pre-scene negotiation to tailor this to suit your own personal interests!

Because we are being highly selective about who is coming to this very special event, be assured that there will be plenty of attention for just you and as a matter of quality control we are only choosing those who we feel will make this scene as hot as possible!

We have three options available, and they are subject to availability. This is not an open invitation, as safety and discretion are of greatest priority. This is why Halloween is the perfect opportunity!

There are three different options to suit all of your kinkiest and sluttiest desires:


Scared to take the plunge this time? Cum see what may be in store for you in the future….


A brief & hot meeting with ourselves and some play…with us and someone else..


A real party scene, multiple options to go and go again. We will play with you first to get you in the sluttiest mood possible to prepare you! No holes barred. Behind closed doors only. Personal styling and makeup available. Champagne and masks will be provided. Leave your inhibitions at the door.


Your wildest dreams come true on Halloween 2013. The deluxe treatment. We turn you out, play with you to get you in the kinkiest and sluttiest mood possible, then we take you out on the town to a safe club! Personal styling and makeup available. After the club we bring you home and really get down to it. Champagne and masks will be provided. Leave your inhibitions at the door.

What is included with each option?

Use your imagination! Obviously, the deluxe treatment will give you the most attention, however, each scene is tailored to your individual interests. Do you just want to play in public or do you really want to be the slut you are? We are hand picking those we know will be comfortable and discreet with all options.

Is this safe?
We only believe in safe, sane, and consensual role play. All activities will be safe and since we personally know each of you, we know that this will be discreet. We will be providing masks if you do not have one. No photography allowed. Should someone show up intoxicated, they will not be participating. A little champagne will be provided to put you at ease but not over served.

I know you but who is Thalia or Victoria?
The two of us have a very special friendship and have been victimizing lucky men since high school.

Here is what some of our most recent ‘third parties’ had to say about their time with us.

“ invited me into profound depths of submission — and You did so with such grace, patience, and generosity. Thank You very much. There are few, if any, things in life as meaningful as serving such beautiful and powerful Women.” 

 “i have never felt so honored to be asked to attend the first of (hopefully!) many parties to come! I was very nervous at first, as I had only served Domina Thalia and Miss Victoria in a double, but I knew I could not pass up this rare opportunity to serve Them in a group setting. My limits were respected, but they were so powerful and I felt so submissive, I just wanted to be the best slut imaginable for them. Even though there were quite a few of us eager sluts, they provided me with so much attention, I have never felt more at ease doing the wildest things I have ever done in my life! They are two of the classiest and most dominant ladies I have ever met in my life and I can hardly wait to serve Them again. A true dream team.” 

Where is this taking place?
This will be taking place in our private and discreet suite at a very nice hotel. We have booked a room that is perfectly suited to all of our kinky needs. I goes without saying that our combined equipment will be more than sufficient 🙂

I understand that this is a private an exclusive event & I will not disclose any information about the activities that may occur behind closed doors. This is all safe, sane, consensual and exists between consenting adults. No illegal activities. No video or photography allowed.

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