Victoria Cayne

Words from MVC and Session from the perspective of toy m

MVC, here:
It is such a joy and rush playing with someone who has limited experience, and pushing them to so many levels. This is toy m, an example of one of My newest toys. Each and every time with him, gets more intense, and it excites Me so much to see where he has come from and where he is going to go…by My choice :). People ask Me what gets Me going, excites me, pleases Me. I will come to the same conclusion; it really comes down to My toy’s willingness to trust and push themselves. Trust comes over time, and to Me, that is the most beautiful and hot power exchange in the world. In saying that, I do not mean doing something like taking a brutal amount of pain (although I love dishing it out), but I mean allowing you to let go and let Me push and lead you. Please read:
I arrived for my second session with Miss Victoria feeling just as nervous as the first time. I knocked on the door and she showed me in. She looked absolutely gorgeous wearing skin tight leather (I think) pants, a red bra and corset, and black open toed high heels. All of which showed off her amazing figure.  She instructed me to put her tribute on the table, take my clothes off and kneel down, which I did. She put a blindfold on me and walked away. After what seemed like an eternity, but in reality was probably only a couple of minutes, she returned. I was then lead over to a structure where she placed a collar around my neck, cuffed my wrists and tied them to the posts, and placed a spreader bar between my legs. She would get up real close and whisper in my ear, teasing me with the things she was going to do to me, and letting me know that I was hers. Still blindfolded, I could hear her walk away and look for whatever toys she wanted to use on me next. Upon returning, Miss Victoria then proceeded to tie up my cock and balls. Every time she would need to reach around me she would again whisper something in my ear about how she was going to use me. Very exciting!!
After removing the blindfold, Miss Victoria proceeded to use a zapper device to deliver shocks to my cock and balls. They were strong, but not unbearable. I’m pretty sure she got my nipples a few times for good measure. After increasing the intensity some, she zapped me a few more times and then ran a pinwheel (I think) over my cock and balls. When she had enough of that she untied me, freed my legs and untied my arms. I was told to kneel and Miss Victoria then led me around by the rope through the collar. She grabbed my ears and forced my face up into her glorious butt and lead me around some more. She giggled as I struggled to keep my face in there and reminded me of what was to come later on.
After taking a seat I was instructed by Miss Victoria to worship her feet. She has very petite beautiful feet and pretty toes, both of which were exacerbated by the heels she was wearing. I worshipped and kissed each toe and worked my way around to both sides of her foot. When she had enough she presented me her other one, which I worshipped the same way. After the foot worshipping I was led over to a spanking horse (i think is what it’s called) where I was essentially in the all 4′s position with my wrists and feet tied down. Miss Victoria then proceeded to use a flogger on my ass. This was very exhilarating for me. She would let me have it pretty hard but would let up just before I couldn’t take anymore. Gently she’d run her hand on my back in a way to calm me down, I figure. This process repeated a few more time, even allowing me to worship her feet again at one point.
Once the flogging was over, I was made to lay down face up on her bondage table. My hands were tied up over my head, legs spread apart with my knees bent. Electrical pads were applied to my cock and balls. I soon began to feel the jolts of the electricity flowing.  I don’t know how I didn’t lose it right there. While preparing for what was about to happen next, she kept constant eye contact with me and had a little smirk on her face.
This was my second time serving Miss Victoria in such a manner and let me tell you the second time was none easier than the first. After composing myself and taking a quick shower we chatted a little while I got dressed. I thanked her for an amazing experience, she gave me a nice hug and I was on my way. I would 100% recommend Miss Victoria to anyone thinking about scheduling a session with her. She is very professional, respectful of limits, and never at any point did I feel unsafe. Being fairly new to all of this that of course was a concern. It will be an experience to remember!! Everything is so vivid in my memory. I look forward to many more amazing experiences with the amazing, beautiful Miss Victoria!!

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