Victoria Cayne


This gentleman is located in the DC Area. His address is 9124 Briarwood Farms CT. Fairfax, VA 22031. His telephone number is 703-309-6008. Email

He tried to book an appointment with me upon my last visit there, and was extremely demanding and did not listen or respect my limits. I explained to him he needed to listen to what made ME comfortable for the scene.

We agreed to set up to play for my next visit and I would stay an extra night to work with his schedule. We talked on the phone again today (which he did not compensate me for even though he said he would). Firmed up the time and spot and the uber would be picking me up at 8pm on 3/27. This session has been firmed up for over two weeks now, and after a perfectly fine conversation, he decided to call me back and say he is not “emotionally prepared” for the session. This person loves to talk, does not  listen, disobeys every single instruction and does not seem emotionally stable. He also tried to negotiate my rate repeatedly and invite a vanilla friend in the scene. When I said no, he would continue to push.

I have turned down several sessions to see him and worked with him. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Save yourself the HEADACHE.

Please feel free to email Me with more details, as I could go on forever.


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