Victoria Cayne

“Your patience shows your devotion”–as told by t

“Your patience shows your devotion.”
I’m kneeling when Miss Cayne says this, my eyes focused intently on the ground, knowing she expects me to wait until I am told to look at her.
She walks away from me, heels clicking softly on the floor for a brief time. Then the sound of metal brushing metal from behind. Leather squeaks. A soft laugh.
Again, the ominous click-click-click as she returns. Standing behind me, she grasps my hair in her fist, forces my head downward even more.
Whispering against my ear, she says, “You are ready to do whatever I ask of you simply because it pleases me.”
It is a statement, not a question.
It is truth.
I feel her power radiating out from her — she is in control.
It’s where I want to be, where I long to be.
Where I NEED to be.
Pain will come soon, all for her amusement, her pleasure.
But the surrender — my surrender — is now.
It is complete.
It is rewarding.
Freedom in thrall.
“Your patience shows your devotion.”
I don’t want it to start because I never want it to end.
But it does, and it will, and I will be left waiting for the next opportunity to submit and serve.
Patient. And devoted.

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