Victoria Cayne

Double Fun with Ava St. Marks as told by My Boston Nylon Boy

It is so beautiful building a relationship with a toy, and adding another Mistress I love playing with to our scene. I love seeing the creative ideas Boston Nylon Boy comes up with for a role play that will push him further into subspace!

Miss Victoria introduced me to my first ever double-dom session with Mistress Ava St Marks and it was well worth the wait!
I thoroughly enjoyed being teased by Mistress Ava’s leather gloves and Miss Victoria’s nylons.
They were both in perfect tandem, honoring my role play request, teasing me as their nylon slave and keeping me on edge with my first experience being collared and put in a straightjacket.
I was ensnared with them teasing my mind and body with their sensual, sexy voices and hypnotic stares. They kept me longing for more teasing and more predicament bondage.
Having had the pleasure of previous solo sessions with Miss Victoria and now Mistress
Ava, I highly recommend both for solo or double sessions. They are
highly intelligent and creative doms that as good by themselves as they
are with each other, the perfect qualities for a winning team :).

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