Victoria Cayne

As told by Providence/Boston Boot Boy; Hot Scene with MVC and Ava St. Marks

Absolutely loved the hot chemistry in this scene! It was -9 when we played, but none of us were cold! It has been such a pleasure to play with Domina Ava St. Marks. Please continue reading for the kinky details 😉
I had the pleasure of meeting Mistress Victoria yesterday and had double the pleasure Of Mistress Ava St. Marks.  Both of these women are very powerful and had me eating out of the palm of their hands.  Mistress Victoria said together they are mind blowing and I could not agree more!  Both are highly skilled and powerful.  One look into MVC’s eyes and I would have done most anything for her.  I love boots and both Mistress’s wore beautiful black boots that I eagerly polished I could not get enough of either of them.  I am excited writing about it. We did some CBT, spitting etc.  It was beyond my expectations.  My only regret was that we only had an hour.  Next time I hope they tie me down and force me to push my limits further.  We also talked of exploring electricity.  Mistress Victoria and Mistress Ava said he looks so scared but that is what makes it exciting!  Unfortunately we did not get to this as we ran out of time.  This was my first double dom session and I enjoyed it so much it will be tough to go back to one Mistress.  If you are in Philadelphia or see Mistress Victoria travelling book her.  If she is with Mistress Ava book them both!!!  You will be wowed!
        It was very easy to make the arrangement.  Both Mistress’s were in step with me but respected my limitations and I put my complete trust in both of them.  I believe this was the hottest scene that I’ve done yet and can not wait to see them again. I hope I was a worthy slave!!  Can’t wait for April when MVC will return to my area.

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