Victoria Cayne

Slut Tiffany…

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.–Maya Angelou

There is nothing that will ever discuss something that is so true. Quotes are somethings that can just be a part of a mere stream of consciousness, but when it merely reflects the truth, that is quite the something else.

This trip to Boston was quite the kinky one. I am contemplating starting a SLUT OF THE MONTH award. For this one, it is quite a challenge, especially since my Boston sluts always seem to outdo themselves one and another.

Lately, however, I do have to give this prestigious award to SLUT TIFFANY. Each and every time has become equally more erotic. However, that does not mean that she has reached perfection. There is a quite a long way for her to go. Complete slutty submission and bitch ownership means that she must negate any and all of her ultimate desires. She must believe that her mistress has her best interests in mind. Since we have known one and other for so long, it is natural that this progress is to take place.

I am Miss Victoria Cayne. While I do not expect this to take place with every or any single one of My bitches, my Slut Tiffany has expressed and requested that this is the step she is willing to take. She has been such a good bitch. She is also going and willing to travel to Chicago to come and serve Me in an extended way.

It pleases me nothing more than to see how the journey progresses. One day you meet someone who is a toy, and the next thing you know, this has progressed and evolved into an erotic, challenging, experiment, for the both of us. While I have My ideas in mind, there is no way to predict how this really will play out….how slutty is TIFFANY going to be? How far are we going to go?

Stay tuned…

New picture…Tease!

Here is a tease of a picture from my latest photoshoot. I have a lot more to come. Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

This was worth the wait….

Welcome to my new blog!

This is where I am going to be sharing a lot of my travel updates and devious tales, and of course, some hot new images. I will also allow an open forum for people to ask me questions, but they must be appropriate and respectful. Please don’t be that person to spoil this for everyone.

I have had quite the wonderful summer! I have spent a lot of it at my lake house, as well as traveling and getting kinky all across the United States! I have been in Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, LA, San Francisco/Oakland and Miami. I have done some really hot scenes! Stories soon to come 🙂

As always, people always ask me “what my favorite thing is.” Like I have said and always will say, chemistry is what makes the scene, as well as an open mind and enthusiastic attitude. Chemistry is something that simply can’t be forced. An open mind means being open and knowing that you are in the hands of a very experienced, skilled, and intelligent person. I love the journey that we will travel together when you give yourself to me.

I am excited to explore with you and will have this blog to offer you the opportunity to get to know me.