Victoria Cayne

New Review: Smiling while I have my way with you…

A dear Boston toy wrote these words about me after our second time together. He originally told me his interests were spanking, and after a few moments during our first time, I had a way of finding other things that he was too shy to mention. I love figuring out what makes someone tick, and using that to my full advantage! As told by him:

I decided to go for the 2 hour session with Miss Victoria Cayne for my second session with her.  My first time seeing her was only for 1 hour and while a great session, I wanted her to take me further into her world.

Her description of “We’re going down the Rabbit Hole this time ” set the tone for this extended time.

Her professionalism is very impressive and she works hard during the session!  Constantly in action, she didn’t waste a minute in restraining me to the bed, tying me up with straps and zip-ties and using her toys on me.

She literally turned the atmosphere electric with a device that provided a current of electricity to my body. She controlled the level of current and immediately adapted it to my request to lower it.

She is the only dominatrix I will see. She is friendly, keeps up a great conversation and her eyes are mesmerizing.

When she has me flat on my back, telling me what she is going to do next, I’m captivated by looking at her… soft, pretty hair framing her face as she leans over me, a hint of a smile and her intent gaze transports  me to another place in my mind, making me willing and grateful to experience her breadth of knowledge and skills in the realm of BDSM play.

Fortunately, she visits Boston for a few days each month.

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