Victoria Cayne

My True Boston Slut

My true Boston slut…he has evolved from being My toy, to completely being My slut. Used, owned, Mine. My “slut” has played with many well renowned Mistresses, who have led him down this special hole. However, it has taken yours truly, to exploit, twist, and morph him into My creation. Slut, to me, encompasses the urge to completely surrender and succumb to their Owner. Moment by moment, breath by breath, their needs become My desires. That is the transformation I exploit, I create, and I nurture. He is now Mine. My slut. Please read below:

A session with the truly creative Mistress Victoria Cayne always has the feeling of being subtly led into a new level of kink and submission. Every now and then there’s absolutely nothing subtle about it.

My most recent session started as usual; with late in the day directions to arrive with MVC’s cock and balls bound and nipples clamped. It’s great to mentally start a session a few hours early but it can lead to not properly satisfying MVC. This time, the binding wasn’t up to MVC’s standards so things ended up extra tight and with a bit of dangling cord. I was unable to find any suitable nipple clamps on short notice so Mistress pulled out a special purchase…a set of four pronged clamps designed to stay in place while various types of other clamps are used on the now increasingly sensitive exposed tips. It was clear nipple torment was high on her list and even though those little clamps eventually came loose (which of course means they will be tighter the next time) MVC was undeterred. She introduced a very intimate and erotic NT scene complete with a long countdown before she moved to the next phase…which found me bound with my face in a pillow and completely exposed to a set of electrics. It was also clear why MVC lead cords dangling from her cock and balls. She tied them off and then had me push and pull against her. Every movement resulted in a wave of conflicting sensations as the electrics pulsed, the cords tightened and MVC whispered, “who’s bitch are you now?” This went on until MVC had me begging, less for what I may have wanted but more of what else would please her.

Days later, reflecting back on this wild ride of a session:
Nipples sore………check
Cock sore…………..check
Mind blown……….check
MVC’s bitch……….check

Birthday Spankings

A recap of My recent birthday session with slave a:

Collared, naked, and locked-up in chastity: I eagerly awaited MVC to descend the stairs into the dungeon; waiting on my knees; my head lowered until commanded otherwise.

Those moments of anticipation have grown to become some of my favorite. Over time, I’ve found that’s all it takes for me to begin drifting into sub space. A triggered response to being in the presence of my Owner—like Pavlov’s helpless puppy.

Mistress descended looking absolutely stunning as always in Her tall leather boots and new catsuit. I was commanded to worship Misress’s boots and was careful to follow Her every command as I made my way from the toe box across the vamp to the heel and up the shaft of each one.

The next part of the scene entailed being meticulously bound, hooded, and standing against a padded wall of the dungeon. Mistress describes Her play-style as sweetly sadistic—and I can think of no better description. Even as She expertly applied and controlled electrodes to my most vulnerable parts and set the electrical current to newly painful heights, MVC was always checking-in to make sure I wasn’t feeling lightheaded or faint and that I felt safe in the web of rope, chain, and leather She had masterfully ensnared me in. The fact that I could feel so safe and as at ease (akin to putty to be molded however She wished) and in complete agony at the same time from the tortures She was inflicting is a testament to how skilled and capable MVC is as a Domme in composing and executing a mind-blowing session.

With MVC’s birthday days away, I was next secured to the spanking bench for corporal torments for Her amusement and pleasure. I’d be receiving Her birthday spankings and even a few dreaded strokes of the cane—Her name is Miss Victoria CAYNE for a reason after all! All this culminated with MVC scratching Her initials into my back. I’m not into pain, but I take it for MVC. It feels like a true act of submission that I can offer Her: something I fear and dislike, but brings MVC joy. And as much agony as I was in, as Mistress administered Her spanks, strokes, and scratches: I found it all worth it just to have my head caressed and told I did a good job.

Each session is better than the last; each an encounter a chance to go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole!

The Journey Continues

Here’s another post of slave a and I’s latest adventures:

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays this slave from the swift completion of his appointed session.”

I’m not a postman—but this is an apt description of my feelings as I dealt with trains, cabs, and buses on the way to Philadelphia to serve the singular Miss Victoria Cayne after a major Northeaster. Travel cancellations and power outages meant little sleep the night before as I sought every means of ulterior passage to Her dungeon. By the time I arrived, I was already physically and emotionally exhausted and the session hadn’t even begun yet!

Miss Victoria Cayne’s devious, sadistic mind and striking good looks are only matched by Her professionalism and care for safety. So though I was to be shown little mercy that afternoon for recent transgressions, the predicaments I was placed in took into account the ordeal I had faced that day in getting there, and I always felt safely ensconced in Her bondage.

The session began rightfully with me collared, naked, and on my knees as I waited for MVC to descend into the dungeon. All the stress of travel began to melt away as I took comfort in once again being where I belonged.

After a bit of foot worship to greet Her, I was placed in very tight cock and ball bondage. I had been granted a reprieve from chastity after Our/our last session, but I needed to be reminded who my cock belonged to after a few weeks of freedom.

I was led by the taught twine encircling my prized parts to a bondage chair where layer after layer of bondage was applied. Chain, cuff, band, and rope all rendering me completely affixed to the spot and completely helpless.

MVC is masterful with electric play. She played me like a musical instrument as the electric currents alternated and pulsed between tingly pleasure and pure, painful agony. Ebbing and flowing between sensuality and sadism, increasing in intensity until my brain couldn’t even say what day of the week it was.

After enduring these electrical torments until Mistress was satisfied, I was unbound and told to crawl to the nearby spanking horse. Once again, inescapable bondage was expertly applied–except this time my ass was fully exposed for corporal punishment.

I’m not really into pain or corporal play, but as my relationship with MVC has deepened, I’ve left the activities of Our/our scenes entirely in her capable hands. In total power exchange, She gets to decide how best to handle my transgressions and what I need and deserve. In this case, I was dealt a thorough and harsh spanking. I’m sure more seasoned players could and would have taken much more, but for me it was absolutely agonizing and easily had me in tears and my entire body trembling.

Satisfied that I had learned my lesson, I was untied from the spanking horse only to be fitted into a leather straight jacket and secured to Mistress’s bondage table. Still shaking, I was then teased and vibrated with Mistress’s feet planted firmly in my face.

As always: it was an incredibly intense experience, but this time also particularly emotional in its catharsis. MVC was of course there to make sure I was all right and administer aftercare. It was another amazing encounter in a journey that continues to surprise, challenge, punish, and reward. I’m ever so grateful to be Hers!

New Review: Smiling while I have my way with you…

A dear Boston toy wrote these words about me after our second time together. He originally told me his interests were spanking, and after a few moments during our first time, I had a way of finding other things that he was too shy to mention. I love figuring out what makes someone tick, and using that to my full advantage! As told by him:

I decided to go for the 2 hour session with Miss Victoria Cayne for my second session with her.  My first time seeing her was only for 1 hour and while a great session, I wanted her to take me further into her world.

Her description of “We’re going down the Rabbit Hole this time ” set the tone for this extended time.

Her professionalism is very impressive and she works hard during the session!  Constantly in action, she didn’t waste a minute in restraining me to the bed, tying me up with straps and zip-ties and using her toys on me.

She literally turned the atmosphere electric with a device that provided a current of electricity to my body. She controlled the level of current and immediately adapted it to my request to lower it.

She is the only dominatrix I will see. She is friendly, keeps up a great conversation and her eyes are mesmerizing.

When she has me flat on my back, telling me what she is going to do next, I’m captivated by looking at her… soft, pretty hair framing her face as she leans over me, a hint of a smile and her intent gaze transports  me to another place in my mind, making me willing and grateful to experience her breadth of knowledge and skills in the realm of BDSM play.

Fortunately, she visits Boston for a few days each month.

Locked, Denied, Controlled, Edged: slave’s A’s extended time in Chastity

The saying absence makes the heart grow fonder may be true in some sense, but when you are exploring chastity and a bluetooth anally controlled device, “challenged”, may replace the word fonder, in some sense 😉 slave A originally began seeking out scenes as a form of instant gratification, as a lot of us do. Those have a special place for me as well. However, upon our first meeting, it was clear slave A and I had the right chemistry that we were both interested in exploring another session. He has never seen a Mistress more than one time. Chastity had loosely been on his mind, along with a lot of other things, but here we are, under a year later, with him in LA, me in Philadelphia, aside from my exploits in every other city, and our relationship has deepened. slave A now realizes the challenges of being submissive and the dedication it takes to continue this from across the country. Needless to say, these past few months have been challenging for him, especially since he is new to chastity, but they have been so much fun for me 😉 Enjoy.

After relocating to the West Coast for the last few months, serving Miss Victoria Cayne in-person has gotten a bit more difficult. It had been nearly eight weeks since our last encounter—and though I had been locked in chastity on and off and had served Her in other ways from afar—my excitement could hardly be contained to be travelling back east for a week or so to celebrate my birthday in New York and once again visit Her exquisitely appointed dungeon in Philadelphia for whatever sweetly sadistic torments and delights She had in store.

Mistress had wisely suggested that since it had been so long since we had seen one another that we plan on two sessions—one at the beginning and one at the end of my big birthday trip. I was going to be staying with some family friends in Manhattan and told MVC that I was planning on locking myself up in chastity in anticipation of our first visit once I had arrived and settled at their apartment. But Mistress wanted me to lock myself up as soon as I had gotten through security at LAX, and so I knew I had little choice but to obey. It was for my own good after all… As I waited for my bag to pass through the x-ray at the security checkpoint, I swore I saw the TSA agent manning the monitor give me a smirking look. I quickly found a bathroom stall at the terminal and secured the heavy metal cage with the click of the padlock. I had never flown in chastity before, but with a 6+ hour flight ahead of me, I was about to become a master!

Thankfully, my first trip down to Philly came within 3-4 days. That’s usually when the first wave of desperation to get out of the cage arrives–but the excitement of being back in New York and the anticipation of seeing MVC saw me through. As I caught up with friends, mentors, and colleagues, I wondered how many noticed the bulge in my jeans created by the silhouette of the stainless steel enclosure. By the day of our first session, the 2 hour bus ride to Pennsylvania seemed longer than the  cross country flight I had just taken. Delays due to traffic were but a prelude to the exquisite tease and denial in store for me that afternoon.

I had offered little in the way of interests or a specific direction so I had no idea what was coming my way. As we’ve developed trust with one another, I’ve found that the power exchange has been so much more rewarding feeling like the session is based on how Mistress wants to shape me and where She wants to take me rather than what I may be craving that week. Even when the activity is painful or pushes me, I’m able to take pleasure in the belief that I’m pleasing Her. In fact, I don’t think I’d find any pleasure in being locked in chastity were it not for the fact that my predicament was of Her devising…

Once again, I was left in awe of how expertly MVC is able to layer torturous and sensual sensations!

Thoroughly restrained, gagged, and secured, I knew from the moment Mistress began expertly working me over that I was gone! That horrible, but wonderful feeling of being trapped at the edge—my body signally to my brain that I’m about to pee or orgasm but unable to do either. Both my body and my cock were on lockdown, and I suspected I wouldn’t be getting any release that day.

Some corporal torment and a birthday spanking came next. Even though I don’t consider myself a masochist, I was happy to take the pain for my Mistress. I know serving Her won’t always be pleasurable for me and that it only deepens my submission to be pushed for Her amusement and enjoyment.

Next came, cascading waves of electro-torture to my still locked cock and balls. The sensations were incredible and kept my brain delightfully off-balance.

MVC truly pulled out all the stops! Unrelenting electricity mixed with the strain of my/Her cock against the steel bars of the chastity cage while completely restrained, gagged, and blindfolded… Mistress and I have tossed the words ‘mind-blowing’ around before, but any other phrase is completely insufficient to describe the experience!

The session ended with Her expert CBT and forced foot smelling, I was left exhausted, quivering, and blue-balled with no release in sight.

I was to spend the rest of my trip in chastity, and Mistress sent me back to New York still locked and in safe possession of the only keys to the device!

Here I was on my birthday: locked in chastity for Miss Victoria Cayne—frustrated, on edge, teetering between anguish and euphoria… “right where I belong” and loving every minute of it. What a gift!

Having been so ruthlessly and expertly teased, the rest of the week was definitely a challenge. It was plenty of a struggle just trying not to leak all over my friend’s guest sheets as I desperately waited for ‘Round 2’ after MVC returned from Her latest tour. I was so bothered that basic, everyday encounters began to take on an erotic edge…

I don’t have a fetish for medical play, but when I went to the dentist for a routine cleaning–I found myself straining against the bars as the attractive hygienist poked, prodded, and caused all manner of pain…

Grabbing coffee with a colleague that I’d gone on a couple of dates back in the day got a tad awkward fast as tales of her ‘toying’ with my intern at my birthday party flooded my mind with Femdom fantasies…

And I learned very quickly that power-walking through the streets of Manhattan took a toll on my swollen, full balls and that I needed to plan on a little extra travel time to accommodate…

Finally, the day arrived for my next trip to Philadelphia before having to return to the West Coast. Mercifully, there wasn’t any traffic, and I arrived right on time for the full day ahead. Mistress had generously set aside the day for not only our session but to allow me to serve Her in other ways. So before we were to play, I was allowed to the privilege of washing and cleaning out Her car. It was a scorching hot day, but Mistress made sure I was fed and hydrated–including a mouthful of Her spit. Though I was eager for time in the dungeon after my birthday week of chastity adventures, I took genuine pride and pleasure in being able to serve MVC in a practical and helpful way before She hit the road once again with Mistress Ava.

After my work was approved: I showered, changed, and met MVC back down in the dungeon. Once again I had no idea what plans She had for me.

Before I knew it, I was blindfolded, gagged, and restrained to the wall. All of my senses were dialed up to an ‘eleven’. Each touch felt electric–though I’m convinced that some of them were quite literally! I had never been so desperate, so teased, so denied. I had done my best to stay clear headed during my 10+ days locked up, but now that I was in the powerful presence of Miss Victoria Cayne, I was beginning to understand the true meaning of helplessness.  Soon I was secured to the spanking bench and hooded. What followed can only be described as total domination!

My cock at last was released from its cage–but I was not to experience freedom yet. I was moved into Mistress’s leather body bag and tied down to the bondage bed. Now in an open-mouth gag, I was reduced to nothing more but a drooling toy as MVC teased me with a vibrator and forced me to smell Her fragrant feet on this unseasonably hot day. Time lost all meaning as I seemed to cry and moan for an eternity. Finally, I was given permission for release and before I knew it: I was being fed my load through the open gag.

Still lying bound in the bag, I felt both a simultaneous weightlessness and heaviness wash over me. It was a sense of complete peacefulness. I could have stayed right there entombed in leather for hours…

Each encounter with Miss Victoria Cayne is better than the last. Each session my limits are pushed further–but never broken. Each time I become more and more Hers. I am so grateful to have found MVC and so thankful for this incredible journey we have begun