Victoria Cayne

The Journey Continues

Here’s another post of slave a and I’s latest adventures:

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays this slave from the swift completion of his appointed session.”

I’m not a postman—but this is an apt description of my feelings as I dealt with trains, cabs, and buses on the way to Philadelphia to serve the singular Miss Victoria Cayne after a major Northeaster. Travel cancellations and power outages meant little sleep the night before as I sought every means of ulterior passage to Her dungeon. By the time I arrived, I was already physically and emotionally exhausted and the session hadn’t even begun yet!

Miss Victoria Cayne’s devious, sadistic mind and striking good looks are only matched by Her professionalism and care for safety. So though I was to be shown little mercy that afternoon for recent transgressions, the predicaments I was placed in took into account the ordeal I had faced that day in getting there, and I always felt safely ensconced in Her bondage.

The session began rightfully with me collared, naked, and on my knees as I waited for MVC to descend into the dungeon. All the stress of travel began to melt away as I took comfort in once again being where I belonged.

After a bit of foot worship to greet Her, I was placed in very tight cock and ball bondage. I had been granted a reprieve from chastity after Our/our last session, but I needed to be reminded who my cock belonged to after a few weeks of freedom.

I was led by the taught twine encircling my prized parts to a bondage chair where layer after layer of bondage was applied. Chain, cuff, band, and rope all rendering me completely affixed to the spot and completely helpless.

MVC is masterful with electric play. She played me like a musical instrument as the electric currents alternated and pulsed between tingly pleasure and pure, painful agony. Ebbing and flowing between sensuality and sadism, increasing in intensity until my brain couldn’t even say what day of the week it was.

After enduring these electrical torments until Mistress was satisfied, I was unbound and told to crawl to the nearby spanking horse. Once again, inescapable bondage was expertly applied–except this time my ass was fully exposed for corporal punishment.

I’m not really into pain or corporal play, but as my relationship with MVC has deepened, I’ve left the activities of Our/our scenes entirely in her capable hands. In total power exchange, She gets to decide how best to handle my transgressions and what I need and deserve. In this case, I was dealt a thorough and harsh spanking. I’m sure more seasoned players could and would have taken much more, but for me it was absolutely agonizing and easily had me in tears and my entire body trembling.

Satisfied that I had learned my lesson, I was untied from the spanking horse only to be fitted into a leather straight jacket and secured to Mistress’s bondage table. Still shaking, I was then teased and vibrated with Mistress’s feet planted firmly in my face.

As always: it was an incredibly intense experience, but this time also particularly emotional in its catharsis. MVC was of course there to make sure I was all right and administer aftercare. It was another amazing encounter in a journey that continues to surprise, challenge, punish, and reward. I’m ever so grateful to be Hers!

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