Victoria Cayne

Birthday Spankings

A recap of My recent birthday session with slave a:

Collared, naked, and locked-up in chastity: I eagerly awaited MVC to descend the stairs into the dungeon; waiting on my knees; my head lowered until commanded otherwise.

Those moments of anticipation have grown to become some of my favorite. Over time, I’ve found that’s all it takes for me to begin drifting into sub space. A triggered response to being in the presence of my Owner—like Pavlov’s helpless puppy.

Mistress descended looking absolutely stunning as always in Her tall leather boots and new catsuit. I was commanded to worship Misress’s boots and was careful to follow Her every command as I made my way from the toe box across the vamp to the heel and up the shaft of each one.

The next part of the scene entailed being meticulously bound, hooded, and standing against a padded wall of the dungeon. Mistress describes Her play-style as sweetly sadistic—and I can think of no better description. Even as She expertly applied and controlled electrodes to my most vulnerable parts and set the electrical current to newly painful heights, MVC was always checking-in to make sure I wasn’t feeling lightheaded or faint and that I felt safe in the web of rope, chain, and leather She had masterfully ensnared me in. The fact that I could feel so safe and as at ease (akin to putty to be molded however She wished) and in complete agony at the same time from the tortures She was inflicting is a testament to how skilled and capable MVC is as a Domme in composing and executing a mind-blowing session.

With MVC’s birthday days away, I was next secured to the spanking bench for corporal torments for Her amusement and pleasure. I’d be receiving Her birthday spankings and even a few dreaded strokes of the cane—Her name is Miss Victoria CAYNE for a reason after all! All this culminated with MVC scratching Her initials into my back. I’m not into pain, but I take it for MVC. It feels like a true act of submission that I can offer Her: something I fear and dislike, but brings MVC joy. And as much agony as I was in, as Mistress administered Her spanks, strokes, and scratches: I found it all worth it just to have my head caressed and told I did a good job.

Each session is better than the last; each an encounter a chance to go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole!

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